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Dave's Fishing Reports

5/20/18  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  The weather continues on the warm side with high temps in the 80s with a lot of sun.  On Friday I had the pleasure of fishing with Brad Fox of Anacortes, WA. and his son Justin from Madison.  I wasn't real happy with my results on the Willow so I switched gears and headed out to a thousand acre lake with a shallow bay where I hoped I would find some emerging green weeds that would draw post spawn Pike and Walleye.  It was a cool morning with clear skies and a little breeze with water temps in the high 50s.  We were fishing in 4-6 feet of water. I was disappointed when I couldn't find any green weed so we were fishing dead weeds from last year.  Justin started off the morning with a nice Pike about 19 inches, we covered a lot of water picking up a fish here and there.  I moved to a couple of  other spots hoping to find green weed and better fish concentrations but no luck. We moved back to where we started and found that the fish had become more active.  The guys had a great morning with each of them catching and releasing their 5 Pike limit we missed 1 Walleye.

My son David and grandson Lawson came up for the weekend, Saturday we hit the same lake, conditions where bright blue sunny skies and no wind.  We were forced to fish a lot harder than the day before never finding any concentration of active fish.  Our goal was enough fish for a fish fry.   At the end of the morning we had 3 nice Pike and 1 fourteen inch Walleye. When I finished cleaning fish the temperature was 78 degrees, by 3:30 the wind was blowing out of the north the temperature dropped 25 degrees with a little rain.  We decided fishing Sunday morning was going to be a last minute decision.  Sunday morning the wind had gone down, with a mix of sun and clouds the temperature was 37 degrees. We headed out to hit the same lake.  At the end of the morning we caught and released 7 pike ranging from the high teens to a nice 24 incher that Lawson caught at the end of the morning. We also caught a dandy 19 1/2 inch Walleye.  

All of these fish were caught on 1/16th oz. weedless jigs tipped with large fathead and walleye mix minnows jig color didn't seem to matter.  For some reason at the end of Sunday morning we ran into a bunch of fish that bit off our jigs, I think I retied 6 jigs in a row before landing a fish.  This time of the year I am using 12 pound test premium floro leader because of the Walleye bite so we always have some bite offs.
Thats it for now folks good luck fishin' and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A END IN YOUR ROD

5/17/18  Hi from  the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake MInocqua.  Well it has been quite the spring.  As you all know mother nature was not kind to us but the ice finally went out a couple of days late.  In the mean time a week after Dianna and I returned home on April 4th, I started off on what would turn out to be a month long odyssey of clinic visits involving more blood draws than I thought possible, scans of head, chest and abdominal area, x-rays, echo cardiogram, TB tests more blood work then finally a diagnosis of an infection that would require 21 days of antibiotics, which brings me to the present. Still on antibiotics for a few more days but I'm finally strong enough to get on the water for the first time this week. A spring to remember but not to repeat.

This year was going to be our final "Tadpole Classic", but I just didn't have the energy, so it will go into the history book on more of a fizzle than a grand finale.  We will all have a lot of great memories from the beginning when Tommy was still with us through the years after his passing; it was a great run.  Maybe the ending was fitting, just drifting off to where all old fishing guides go.

Monday, I had the pleasure of spending my first day on the water with Ken Selucky and Jim Naumczik, the Nancy's Pizza guys. They left the Chicago area early enough to meet me at the Willow Dam at 10:30.  Water level is a couple feet from full which surprises me considering all the snow we had, but it has been a very dry spring. We fished until mid afternoon with bright skies and temps in the mid 80's.  The guys caught numerous Pike but only keeper was 1 Walleye.  Wednesday we got an earlier start and put in at Cedar Falls working our way towards the dam.  It was a slow morning with a lot of light bites that we just couldn't hook.  By mid afternoon, the guys had caught a couple of nice Pike that we kept along with numerous smaller ones that were released along with 1 short Walleye and one Perch that were also released.  Definitely not how I would have liked my first two trips to go but it was good to be on the water.  Water temps were in the low 60's and the weed growth hasn't really gotten going.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin' and remember "KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD"  DAVE LANG.

5/2/18  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  I am sitting here looking out at the lake and it is solid ice. No chance this is going to be open by Sat for the 2018 opener.  Looks like our opening weekend will be next weekend. We had 2 days with temps in the 70's  and rain last night so we are moving in the right direction.  The next week is suppose to continue the warm temps, if we get a little rain it would help.  The Mill Pond was open this morning after last nights rain which means Lake Minocqua will be open in 7-10 days.  A quick ride down to The Willow Flowage showed high water running over the falls at Cedar Falls Campground. Without a drone, there is no way of knowing how far into the flowage the open water extends.  From the landings near the dam, the flowage is locked in tight so it is going to be a while before the flowage is open.  I wish I could have been the bearer of better news but as I always say in fishing, nothing trumps the weather and we have had a late spring.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

10/9/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Saturday was the last trip that I had booked for the season as of this time.  What a way to end the season, we started in a light rain them heavy rain, then back to medium rain, it never stopped.  You know it's bad when the bilge pump kicks on from the rain.  Grandma always said "there is a silver lining to every cloud" well our silver lining was there was no wind and it wasn't cold.
I was fishing with Randy Yockey, his brothers and nephews, we went out looking for Walleyes.  We were fishing rock humps with 2inch fathead minnows on 3/16th oz. jigs, fishing as deep as 30 feet working up the humps to 16 feet.  Our first fish was a beautiful 30 inch Pike totally unexpected where we were fishing and on such a small bait.  We worked hard fishing 4 different humps adding 5 Walleyes to our catch.  I give the guys credit, they stuck it out for 3 hours in some of the most miserable conditions you can imagine .

Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff Heller of Austin TX. and his buddy Bob Bach of Lake Tomahawk.  Jeff was looking to catch enough fish for a fish fry the first night at their deer camp.  We headed down to the Willow.  We had a great morning ending up with the guys catching their limits and me adding a few fish to their catch, plenty for the big fish fry and some bragging rights for Jeff the first night of deer camp.

Friday Paul Holman, his wife Denise, and son Luke from Elmwood IL. came up to do some fishing in the Minocqua area.  I offered them a choice between some Walleyes or Pike, they picked Pike because this was a trip for Luke to catch some bigger fish.  I headed back to the Willow.  We had a good morning catching plenty of Pike, keeping enough for a couple meals and releasing a number of smaller fish,  Fish of the day was a dandy 22 inch Walleye, it was right in the middle of the slot so we took a picture and released it hopefully to spawn for a lot more years.

It looks like that's it for my 2017 year folks, good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

10/1/17  Hi from the the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  If you want the perfect example of what a cold front does last week was It.  I had not been on the Willow since before I went to FL. so when I had Tuesday free I went down there to see what the water level was and how the fish were biting.  It was still warm with clouds and a slight breeze just perfect conditions, and the fishing showed it. In 2 hours fishing I caught two Walleyes for dinner and found fish every spot I fished even one new spot I hadn't fished before.

Wednesday morning it was hello "COLD FRONT" over night the temperature had dropped nearly 20 degrees I was fishing with Ken Selucky and Jim Naumczik from the Chicago area of "Nancy's Pizza fame".  They had called me the night before worried about the cold front, I told them what I had done the day before and thought that the first morning after the front wouldn't be too bad.  We had a great day coming off the water with one  19 inch Walleye and 9 Pike that they kept. They also caught and released a few small Bass, a 9 pound Dog Fish and at least 15 small Pike, by far better than I expected and according to them the best day they ever had.

Wednesday was my first of two days fishing with Jeremy Stippich and his dad Joe from Kansas, we headed down to the Willow.  The effects of the cold front were in effect and the fish were reacting, the guys finished with 6 Pike and a dandy 18 1/2 inch Smallmouth a decent day but we really worked hard for those fish.  

Thursday the guys wanted to fish for Walleyes so we headed out to a lake with under water rock humps that the Walleyes relate to in their fall pattern. After picking up a 13 1/2" Walleye in the 1st hour we  hit more humps, Jeremy caught a dandy 18 1/2" Walleye, before I got the fish out of the net Joe said he had a fish on it was another 13+ inch fish.  Suddenly it looked like I had found active fish, it was not to be, we finished the morning with just those 3 Walleyes.  

Saturday I fished with Bill Harper and Tom Doepker again they wanted to fish for Walleyes.  I was hoping that the effects of the cold front would ease up but that morning it was 36 degrees.  After 1 1/2 hours we had missed two bites and no hook ups, it was time to make a change.  I pulled the boat, bought different minnows and headed for a different lake.  On our first drift over a shallow weed bed Bill caught a nice 28" Pike, he followed that up with a Smallmouth that was just short, then a small Pike that he released.  It really looked good for the rest of the morning then once again the effects of the cold front took over, we did catch one more decent Pike and a couple of short Bass.  

In those 4 days the water temp had dropped 5 degrees and there was no escaping the effects, each day got more difficult. We went from shallow water and weeds on the Willow to deep water humps as the days progressed. Saturday we fished as deep as thirty feet on rocks with fathead minnows on the first lake then changed lakes, switched to weedless jigs with blacktail chubs and fished weeds as shallow as 6 feet down to 12 feet trying and failing to find active fish. Every day the bites that we got were lighter and lighter even though I was hooking the the short fathead minnows in the mouth out the gills and half way back we had two bites that hit short of the hook.  It was the classical extreme cold front.  It's nice to have a couple of days off.  If this weather holds steady and we quit having fronts move through every other day even though the weather stays cool the fish will adjust  and get back into their feeding patterns.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

9/25/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  It's good to be back in Minocqua and back on the water.  As it has been all season it's all about the weather. Just as the Walleyes  started to move into their fall pattern our temperatures shot up and are warmer than they were in July moving water temps back to the high 60s.  

Friday I fished with Kevin Moore and his family from Texas.  I had fished with Kevin and his two sons about 10 years ago, we had a great day catching our limit of Walleyes and Kevin caught a beautiful Tiger Musky that has been on his wall in Texas ever since. We headed out to the same lake for some Walleye action.  I had been having decent action there before I went to Florida.  I caught a decent Walleye in the first 15 minutes and figured we were in for a good morning.  After 4 hours only Grandma Moore put another Walleye in the box. Kevin's return to the lake of his best day fishing really was a disappointment.  Normally after a couple hours like we had I would have switched species, and tactics but we had a large group in the boat and were limited to vertical jigging.

Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with Gregg Voss and Tim Ward from the Chicago area it was our first time fishing together.  Even though I struggled with Walleyes Friday the guys wanted to try for some Walleyes. Once again I had a quick Walleye but it was too small to keep.  We fished two hours hitting the 3 humps that had been producing fish for me, we did manage 3 keeper Walleyes but really had to work for them.  The decision was made to switch lakes, switch species, and switch tactics.  The guys put three nice Pike in the box in the first 30 minutes. I put my rod away, had a soda and thought I would have an easy morning with the guys catching plenty of fish.  A half hour later it was evident the fish had turned off, I was back to fishing.  We continued to get bit occasionally but the hits were very light, we never landed another fish some were obviously Walleye bites but most were Pike, one bit the minnow in half but missed the hook, it was just one of those days.  They ended up with 3 Walleyes and 3 Pike, a good day, with plans to get together again.  Meeting new people and enjoying time together is what makes my life great.  

I have a couple of days off then I will be back on the water.  I will most likely head back down to the Willow, but with the weather getting back to normal the Walleyes should return to their fall bite offering a good second choice.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG 

9/16/17 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Actually I am on the shores of the Caloosahatchee River, we were lucky sustaining little damage from "IRMA" so about 5 days of clean up and I will be heading back north.

Last Monday I fished with Frank & Ann Kerschbaum from Bloomington IN.  Ann reminded me that it was seven years ago on our first trip that she caught her first Musky time sure flies.  After discussing heading to the Willow or going after some eater Walleyes we chose Walleyes.  We were working rock humps with large fat head minnows on 1/8 oz. jigs. Fishing was slow and I had to keep moving from hump to hump picking up a Walleye here and there but no two in any one spot.  At the end of the morning we had 5 decent Walleyes that they kept and a couple of small ones that were released.  Not a great morning but any day you put 5 Walleyes in the box is not all bad.

Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Valerie Nehmer her mother June Nehmer both ftom Las Vegas and friend Deb Leannais from Milwaukee.  The trip was a present to her mom in memory of when they had a cabin in the Lakeland area. Although I quit doing show lunches some years ago I couldn't say no to this one.  Feeling pretty confident we started on Lake Minocqua, the ladies did a great job casting the jig and minnow combinations and I knew it was only a matter of time before we would have our lunch.  As grandma used to say "you want to make God laugh make a plan"  Three hours latter we only had two fish in the box.  I swallowed my pride and called home to Dianna and asked her to take a package of fish out of the freezer,  We fished the last hour without another bite.  I had fished 8 different weed beds between Lake Minocqua and Kawesaga for those two fish.  The only thing I can think of is there was a heavy hatch of a fly that looked like a large mosquito or lake fly the night before and maybe the Bass had just gorged themselves all night, who knows.  We finished the day with a great shore lunch listening to June and Dianna talk about the old days in Minocqua including tales of Ray  and his popcorn wagon and how Elizabeth Taylor tried to by the wagon from him.  It was a hard day for me fishing but in the end it was a great gift from Val  to her mother with good memories for all of us, proving once again it"s not just the fish that count.   I will be back in Minocqua in time to fish with Kevin Moore from Texas it was 7-8 years ago that we fished together and on that trip Kevin landed a beautiful Musky just like Ann had. That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember

9/8/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Fall is here with frost on the roofs a couple of mornings. It's "Manning Week" for over ten years I have had the pleasure of fishing with Brian Manning from Naperville IL. It was a terrible morning for me in FL. last winter when I received an email telling me that Brian had died in a car accident.  Time moves on and this week Tim Mueller, Brian's long time friend and fishing companion, came to Minocqua with his wife Kathy to fish with me for a couple of days.  

Wednesday we went out looking for some Walleyes, we were faced with difficult fall weather including rain and cold.  Kathy was a real trooper showing up in her Frog Togs and mittens. We were fishing rock humps coming out of 30+ feet of water topping out as shallow as 10 feet.  After 2 1/2 hours they had their 6 Walleye limit.  These are eater sized Walleyes for the most part except for a dandy 19 1/2 incher that Kathy caught. We then changed bait, tackle, tactics, and structure and went looking for Pike.  I hit two weed beds that I caught Pike out of last Sunday but we never caught a fish.  The weather was getting worse so we called it a morning getting to the landing just as the rain really started to come down. 

Thursday morning Kathy took one look at the weather and said "you boys have fun I"m staying in the cabin".  Tim and I headed down to the Willow looking for some Pike and maybe a Walleye or two.  We expected light rain but as soon as we hit our first spot the sky opened up with heavy rain, luckily it only lasted about 15 minutes then let up to a fishable light rain.  It was over an hour before Tim put the first Pike in the boat.  An hour later Tim had a couple of Pike in the box and a couple of missed fish and I had one bite. I switched from a Firetiger jig to match Tim's pink and immediately got my action improved.  At the end of the morning we had 4 Pike in the box and 3 short ones that we released. We also missed at least that many fish including some we had more than half way to the boat.   Like so many days this season we were fighting cold front conditions that make the fish just hold the bait never getting to the jig.  All honors go to Tim , he caught every fish we kept that morning.  It was a good two days, yes there were some sad times in the boat but a lot more good times thinking of our old buddy Brian.  I have always said there is a lot more to fishing than the number of fish or their size, it is the people we meet and the bonds we build.   Thanks for the time you gave us Brian and all your memories. That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember

9/4/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Having almost a week off the water gave me some time to fish with my son David and grandson Lawson scouting a few lakes for fall Walleye patterns we caught enough fish for a fish fry and a meal for them to take home.  This past Monday found me down on the Willow with John Meltzer, Deb Kravit, and Bill Heilbronner it was their annual group trip to Minocqua and I would have the pleasure of fishing with them 3 days.  We had a good day on the water putting together a nice catch of Pike with Debs 26 incher being fish of the day. Wednesday it was Deb Kravit again and Greg Goldman, their favorite water is the Willow so that is where we headed. Unlike Monday the fishing was really tough we did manage 4 nice Pike along with some really small fish but that was it. Knowing that we would be fishing again on Friday and with Wednesdays poor showing I scouted one of my fall Walleye lakes. After almost two hours of hitting rock humps I only had one Walleye to show for my efforts.  When John, Bill and Deb showed up Friday morning I told them what I had done on Walleyes the day before and laid out a few options for Pike and we agreed that the Willow is everybody's favorite water so that's where we headed.  We had a good day with Pike and 1 short Largemouth once again Walleyes were not hitting for us.  It was Deb again that produced the excitement when she caught a 9 1/2 pound Dogfish "a great battle nice job Deb". That brought an end to their stay with plans to be back next year to spend some more quality time on the Willow.

Saturday I fished With Mike Kratzer, his wife Beth,her friend Karen, his brother-in-law Rod.  With bad weather in the forecast and that many people in the boat my options were limited so I headed back out to my Walleye lake hoping that a few more days might have them going.  We only got in about an hour and 45 minutes  before the first flash of lightning in that time they caught 6 Walleyes 5 big enough to keep.  I am sure if we had gotten a brake from the weather they would have caught their limits.

Saturday I fished with Rob Wachholtz and his sons.  My original plan was to head down to the Willow but with the Walleye action the day before I decided to give the Walleyes another try.  Once again it was a case of "you should have been here yesterday", after nearly 2 hours we only had 1 Walleye big enough to keep and 2 shorts that we released. We gave up on the Walleyes up graded to heavier leaders with weedless jigs tipped with redtail chubs and saved the morning catching some nice Pike, giving them plenty of fish for a family fish fry that night.  

We caught fish all week but it was necessary to do a lot of moving hitting numerous spots, spots that held fish one day would be empty the next.  Fish continued to hit very lightly so we missed a lot of bites.  The Walleyes that we caught were relating to rock humps coming out of 35 feet topping out in the teens with most fish hanging at about twenty feet.  We were vertical rigging large fathead minnows on jigs just heavy enough so you could feel the bottom.  It is necessary to stay in contact with the bottom slowly lifting and dropping back to the bottom. Most of the time you don't feel a bite just weight on the rod when that happens set the hook and wind.  These are eater size not wall hangers.  Thats it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG                                

8/20/17 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Once again mother nature is playing tricks with the Lakeland Area in the last week we have experienced delightful days with highs in the high 70s only to be followed the next day with a high in the mid 60s that felt more like September than August, and you never wanted to be far from your rain gear.  The last three days I have been on 3 different lakes with good results on all 3 although we did have to work for the fish we caught.

Thursday and Friday I had the pleasure of fishing with Courtney Hogendorn and his two sons, Colin and Tristan from Madison WI. Although it was a time for father and son bonding, Courtney wanted it to be a learning experience for the boys. Thursday we headed out west in search of some Pike action, conditions were good for fishing with a slight chop and cloud cover that produced a little rain on and off.  We had a good morning with best fish of the morning a 24 inch Pike that Tristan caught.  They kept just 3 Pike and a Perch for dinner that night. Friday morning we went down to the Willow, the water level had started to drop last week but to my surprise it has come back up to where it was 2 weeks ago. We had a good morning with Pike providing most of the action, once again it was Tristan catching another dandy Pike in the mid 20s.  The plan for the day was catch and release but when we boated a nice Walleye they decided to take it back to their cabin to see how it compared to the taste of the Pike and Perch from the night before.  As a learning experience the trip was a success with the boys mastering tying on jigs, putting their own minnows on so they would run straight. Even cleaning and removing the Y bones from a Pike.  It was a great 2 days, and a pleasure to meet such nice young men.

Saturday the Heroux brothers were here and we went out west to their favorite Pike lake.  The morning started out great with three fish on our first drift.  Things slowed down as the day went on but by 3:00 they had their limit of Pike to take home for their family fish fry along with a couple of Smallmouth, a couple of Largemouth and a few short Walleyes all of which were released.  Largest fish of the day was a beautiful 29 1/2 inch Pike that Tom Heroux caught.

It was a good three days fishing, better than I expected when I saw the weather forecast.  As usual these fish were all caught in shallow water weeds on 1/16 oz. jigs and red tail chubs.

Those of you that have  fished with me or been following my reports over the years have come to know Hooker the fishing dog, my faithful companion. It is with a broken heart that I tell you that she died this morning of a brain aneurysm. She was showing some symtoms when I got home from fishing yesterday but was not in any pain.  She was a great family member and a freind to everyone she met.  My world has an emptiness in it now but I am also blessed with having shared so much of her LOVE for 12 years.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember

8/14/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Fishing and the weather  have been holding fairly stable  with the exception of a cold front that came through last Thursday night.  Wednesday I fished on Minocqua with Jim Naumczik, Ken Slelucky, and Kens daughter Addison,and son Ethan.  We moved around a lot and managed to put together a nice catch that included Walleye, Pike, Perch, and Bass. A change of pace for me was 3 of these fish a Pike, a Perch, and a Bass where caught on a small redtail chub a 1/32 oz Road Runner under a bobber.

Thursday found me back on the Willow with Bill Harper and Tom Doepker.  With a lot of moving we had a nice mix of Pike, Walleye, and 1 Dogfish.  Largest Pike was 36 inches and 2 Walleyes over 18 altogether we had between 10 and 15 fish.  

Friday started a 3 day outing with Dave Giebel from The Dells WI. we had never fished together before and had a great time.  Friday was the typical first day after a cold front, I knew things would be tough but usually you get some time right after the front comes through before the fish totally shut down.  For the first couple hours we had good action but typical of cold front fish they hit extremely light seldom taking the hook.  We only hooked about  1 out of 6 bites, we had numerous fish 3/4s of the way to the boat when they just let go.  I had one nice Walleye right to the boat and saw she had the bait cross ways in her mouth with the jig outside, when I put the net in the water she just opened her mouth and swam away.  We managed 1 nice Walleye and 4 Pike an ok morning but with the bites we had it was disappointing.  By about 9:30 the sun started to break through and the wind picked up with gusts in the 20 mph range with that the action stopped.

Day 2 we headed out to one of my favorite Pike lakes, we had a bright blue sky and water flat as glass.  Dave has  done quite a bit of fishing and as I put the boat in he said "it's goin a be a tough one" sadly he hit the nail on the head. After about a hour and a half we had 3 nice Smallmouth Bass and two bite offs.  I pulled the boat and headed to our second lake where the Pike action had been good.  We fished hard only getting a few hits again very light.  In hind sight maybe I moved to soon you just don't know.  Dave talked to 1 boat at the first landing and 2 at the second, we were the only boat with fish, so I guess our 3 Smallmouth, 2 Pike and 2 Perch weren't so bad.

Day three we were back on the Willow 2 days out from the front fish started to come around we had flat water but some cloud cover.  We cover a lot of water picking up a fish here and there but no one spot that really produced.  We ended up keeping 7 nice Pike, a 12 inch Perch, and a 16 inch Walleye and releasing a number of small Pike and Walleyes.  It was a good way to end a trip with plans to do it again next year. That's it for now folks remember

8/8/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Last week Thursday and Friday I had a great time fishing with my son David and grandson Lawson on the Willow Flowage.  I know i am going to sound like a gloating grandfather but at 8 years old Lawson is a very good angler for his age, which he would prove later in the day.  After more than a week of beautiful summer weather Wednesday night a strong cold front rolled through dropping temperatures 20 degrees to the low 50s on Thursday morning.  This is always bad news although even though this slows the action down you can usually eak out some decent action early in that first day after the front passes through.  This was true for us that morning, at the end of the morning we had 1  15" Walleye, 1 11" Perch, and 6 nice Pike in the mid 20 inch range that we kept along with some smaller fish we released.  The highlight of the day was when Lawson caught a 30+ inch Dog fish that weighed 9 pounds, that fish would have been a tough battle for anyone and I am proud to say he handled it perfectly, following it from one side of the boat to the other and back again while the fish made a number of drag pulling runs. That's why I love those Dogfish.  Thursday afternoon we got close to 2 inches of cold rain, we sat on the porch watching the steam rise off of Lake Minocqua and knew things were only going to get worse.  Friday morning we paid the price for the cold front, Thursday's water temp. was 74.6 on Friday it was down to 68.4, you just can't win with a 6 degree drop in water temp. After a short morning we left the Willow with our tails between our legs with only 1 12 inch Perch that we released to show for our efforts along with some small pike.

Sunday morning I fished with Doug Jones and Matt Schaetter on the LDF Flowage, they had never fished it before, Doug is considering buying a cottage on it so I just covered a lot of water  never staying on fish when we found some.  They released everything we caught so numbers are a little hard to keep track of but I think we ended up with a mixed bag of Pike and Largemouth about 15 fish in total.

Today I was back on the Willow with Loren Price, his daughter Susan, and grandson Ben.  Even though the weather has gotten better since Saturday we had to fish hard all morning. They did not want to keep fish for a fish fry and for a while that looked like a good thing,  Loren started the morning off with a small Pike on the first spot then we struggled
I had a bite off after moving and Sue finally caught a Pike that we would have kept if they had wanted fish, then Ben caught a really nice 12 inch Perch.  At the end of the morning we added a nice 18 inch Walleye, 5 more decent Pike along with a number of really small Pike to our catch.  It was one of those mornings that we worked hard moving around covering a lot of spots but could have kept a nice mixed bag. Red tailed chubs are hard to get and when you do some are almost big enough to filet, I am buying 6/7 dozen  in order to get 4/5 dozen the right size because the water is just so high they can't trap enough good bait. That's it for now folks good luke fishin and remember

7/29/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Summer has finally arrived here in Minocqua,
with temperatures bumping 80 everyday water temps are now in the mid 70s.  We are blessed with our summer guests here in full force so if you are heading our way call ahead.  This also means that our lakes and landings are busy so plan a little extra time, if you are planning to fish on one of the more popular lakes it is best to start early, if I am going to fish Minocqua now I start at 6:00 AM so we have our 4 hours in by 10:00.  As I write this  sitting on the front porch looking out on Kennedy Bay at 6:30 this morning there isn't a boat in sight but by noon I won't be able to look out there without seeing 15/20 boats.

Last Saturday I got back down to the Willow with Larry Renbarger, his grandson and  an old army buddy.  The Walleye action wasn't as good as it had been a week before but at the end of morning they took 2 nice Walleyes and 5 Pike home.  In addition they released a number of fish and Larry's grand son caught a big Dogfish to add some excitement to their morning.

Monday I fished with Don Conner and his son Matt from Mueskego, we had fished together a few years back so if was fun to get back together.  We headed down to the Willow Flowage.  The day  got off to an exciting start when Matt hooked into a 9 pound Dogfish you know how I love it when someone gets to fight the DOG.  The conditions where typical summer but they put together  a nice catch of 6 Pike, one dandy 28 incher,  and 1 Walleye that they kept for a two family fish fry that night.

Thursday I had the pleasure of fishing with Brian & Lisa Kmiec from Chicago, they were camping at Indian Shores on Lake Tomahawk.  We headed back to the Willow, once again it was a summer day with a lot of sunshine.  The fish were in what I call a neutral mood so it took some coaxing  to get them to bite. We had a decent morning, they decided that they only wanted to keep enough fish for their meal that night so we kept 2 Walleyes and 1 Pike.  They released a number of fish including the fish of the day, a nice 17 1/2 inch Smallmouth that Liza caught.

Friday I was back on the Willow with Kyle and Rachel Litz from McFarland WI.  it was their 1st anniversary  The morning started out with quick action including a dandy Smallmouth bass that Rachel landed measuring 20 inches.  The action slowed as the sun rose but they managed a nice mixed bag of Pike, 2 beautiful 11 inch Perch, the Smallmouth and 1 short Walleye.  A good way to celebrate their 1st anniversary.

With the weather holding like this I expect the fishing to stay like it has been for the next week.  As always I caught everything on jig and minnow combos.  My old friend and mentor Tommy "Tadpole" Zinda told me  when I first started to learn the Willow "you can never fish too shallow on the Willow",  I kept the boat in 4-9 feet of water but we were casting into 1 1/2 to 2 feet with a slow retrieve back to the boat.  All of our fish came in the first half of the retrieve some within the first foot.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember

7/22/17  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  I have always said that one of the best parts of guiding are the interesting people I meet.  In May of this year I received a phone call from a young man that said he was an assistant to a professor at St. Norbert College in De Pere WI. The professor's field of expertise is studying fish parasites. He had received a Smallmouth specimen from an area lake from which he removed a parasite that had never been identified before.  The plan was for Dr. Aninod Choudhury and his assistant ,Carson Torhorst to spend 1 & 1/2 days with me. Our goal would be to fish this particular lake to catch a number of Smallmouth Bass for them to examine.  

This is one of my favorite lakes so I was looking forward to taking part in their project.  Although I fish this lake a lot and have always caught a lot of Smallmouth, the down side is that in the last 3-4 years my catch has diminished considerably. We were going to fish Wednesday and Thursday so I spent a few hours Monday scouting spots with a jig and redtail chubs. I managed to boat 4 Smallmouth and on Tuesday I spent a few hours scouting using crawlers and spinner baits. I only picked up  a couple of Pike and a couple of Walleyes.

Wednesday morning I picked the guys up at 6:30 and we headed out to the lake. We were faced with bright sun and flat water.  Because this is a research project Dr. Choudhury has a state permit from the DNR to collect samples without any size restrictions.  At the end of the day we had 3 Smallmouth, 1 Largemouth, 1 Walleye, and 3 Bluegill that they took back to the motel to dissect.  An important part of this was to keep the fish alive as long as possible then put them on ice when we left the lake to keep the parasites alive.

When I got to their motel Thursday morning Dr. Chordhury said he still had some work to do on the samples so it would just be Carson and me collecting samples that morning.  The testing that he had done failed to turn up any of the parasites that he was looking for.  Then he told me what he did find. It is a tape worm called the "Bass Tapeworm" and it is relatively common in both Largemouth and Smallmouth.  This particular tapeworm forms a fibrous substance in the viserous of the bass that prevents the female from laying her eggs. This is prevalent in young fish, however after some years of fighting this condition, the mature Bass becomes infertile.  So even though our first day was a bust as far as the main objective it did yield somewhat of an answer to why I am catching fewer Smallmouth than before.  When our catch goes down on any given lake we always think of over harvest being the problem and it just isn't always that simple.  As of this time, I do not have his report back on our second day's collection samples. When I asked Dr. Choudhury about the outlook for the Smallmouth population in this lake he said that usually it levels out and there will be some reproduction in this lake in the future but most likely not what it once was.  He also assured me that this was a common occurrence and wouldn't want to alarm people which is one of the reasons that he never publishes lake names when he finds these conditions.

That was how I spent last week. It was fishing with a totally different objective, instead of looking for a mixed bag of larger fish and fish to eat, we targeted only the one species with emphasis on fish less than the legal size limit because those imature fish are most likely to have the targeted parasite. Every year there is one trip that stands out, it will take a lot to top last week.  Not only because of all the knowledge I gained from Dr. Choudhury but his life story of his early years as a boy in India, then having to move to Austria for their safety due to conflicts in India, then moving to Canada eventually coming to the United States and teaching at St. Norberts. Because of his deep appreciation for our country, he has applied for his US citizenship and is waiting for a response.  My life is truly amazing. Next week will find me back to my normal routine, probably heading back down to the Willow in search of Walleyes.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD. DAVE LANG

7/13/17 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake minocqua.  With the weather continuing to hold steady the fish have been cooperating. Since my last report I have had the best Walleye action that I can remember both in numbers and size.

Saturday I fished with Matt Worth and his nephew Zack from Hartford.  It was the beginning of three trips when I didn't wet a line. At the end of the morning the guys had their limit of 6 Walleyes ranging from 15 3/4 to 19 inches, 2 Pike, and 1 nice Perch along with a couple of short Walleyes and a dandy 19+ inch Smallmouth that the released.  A great trip.

Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and Mary Chaney from Vicksburg MS.  We headed back down to the Willow, it was a great place for them to visit coming from MS, it is quite a change in scenery.  They had an early checkout so it was a shorter trip than usual.  Once again I only controlled the boat while Jim caught his first Walleye, then Mary boated her first Pike.  The fish were biting very lightly resulting in a lot of missed fish, mid way through the morning Mike hooked into a big Dogfish, another first, not pretty but a great fight. After a few hours we headed back to town so they could get to Madison for the start of Mike's convention.

Tuesday I fished with Jim Winkler from Nekoosa and his son 
Luke from Boulder Colorado, Jim and his wife are camp hosts at the Carol Lake camp grounds for the DNR.  With 109 miles of shoreline it was hard to believe that there was a boat sitting exactly where I planed on starting, we moved to my second choice.  The morning started a little slow and I fished for almost an hour along with the guys with only 2 Pike in the box.  I had seen the other boat move so we went to that weed line, it didn't take long and I put my rod down.  The guys ended up the morning with 5 Walleyes, 2 Smallmouth, 1 Perch, and 6 Pike along with a number of fish they released.

This was definitely one of the best stretches that I have had recently. These fish were all caught on 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with Redtail Chubs in shallow weeds, conditions varied from perfect overcast with a slight chop to flat calm with a bright sky, it was one of those wonderful periods that the fish stayed active, I did need to hit numerous spots to catch these fish however. I am off the water for a number of days now so I am sure it will return to normal again but what a wonderful few days. That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

7/6/17 Hi from the shores of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua. Mother nature has given us a brake lately with warmer temperatures and a somewhat steady weather pattern which has helped bring the fishing action back.  Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike Passon and his daughter Yana from Indiana.  With fishing still a little difficult we headed out west looking for some Pike, Bass and maybe a Walleye thrown in. We were on a 1000 acre lake with good weed cover.  Even though the water temp was still in the low 60s we managed 6 nice Pike and 1 nice Largemouth that we kept, but no Walleye.  At the end of the morning Keith had boxed one nice Pike and lost 3 others when they bit the line, I added one Pike to the mix and Yana caught everything else including the 2 biggest fish, of course we let her out do us.  It was a fun day and the fish activity showed some improvement.

Monday I was on the water with Todd Butkowski and his son Matt from Roseville Mi.  They were staying on a lake in Lac Du Flambeau and wanted some help with were and how to fish the lake.  The weather had continued to improve and the action did also. Because it was a learning trip we didn't sit on fish but continued to move from spot to spot catching fish on all but one spot.  The guys kept 6 nice Pike for a couple fish fries.  We also caught and release a number of smaller Pike and 5 Walleyes that didn't make the 18 inch minimum size limit.  It was a good morning with the fish activity getting to what I would consider good.  

Tuesday Jim Tsagalia and his father in law Craig the guys have fished with me for a number of years. Some time during these trips they have established a traveling trophy for the biggest fish caught that year which Craig had ceremoniously removed from Jim's wall last July.  We headed back out to the lake I had fished the day before looking forward to plenty of action giving Craig a good chance to remain in control of the trophy and Jim a chance to dethrone him.  We caught our first Walleye in the first 5 minutes and I thought we were in for a great morning that was the only fish  we caught in that area. As we moved from one spot  to another I was reminded of what my Grandma used to say "if you want to make God laugh make a plan".  It wasn't until the last spot that we put some fish in the boat ending the day with 3 Pike, 3 Walleyes and 2 Bass.  Pay back is a bitch, the trophy will be heading back to Jim's house for the next year.

Yesterday I was going to fish with Roger Forsberg from Fond Du Lac and his 2 sons and son in law.  After my action the day before I wasn't going to gamble on that lake again and knew I had to switch lakes.  At 5 AM the sky just looked mean, I got the boat ready but didn't even buy bait.  After an hour of rain and thunder I went to their motel where they were staying, we sat and drank coffee for an hour before it started to lighten up and we decided to give it a try.  We got a brake in the weather, allowing us to get in a good morning.  The action was much better than the day before with the guys keeping 7 nice Pike and one nice Perch to take back to Fond Du Lac for a fish fry that night.  We lost 8 more pike due to them biting through the leader, because I am still having decent Walleye action I am using 12 pound test leaders. if this rate of bite offs continues I will be forced to switch to 25 pound test although I think it cuts down on the Walleye bites.  

As always I was fishing 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with redtail chubs when I could get them and black tails when I had to.  These fish where caught between 6 and 10 feet of water with water temps in the mid to upper 60s.  Today has been in the mid 80s so I hope to see 70 degree water temps tomorrow when I head down to the Willow looking for Walleyes.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

6/30/17  Hi from the shores of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua.  "RAIN RAIN GO AWAY" enough said about that. We had rain 22 of 30 days in June. With all of the fronts passing through along with the rain and water temps dropping 10 degrees fishing has slowed considerably.

Last week I started off with Eric Janson and his father in law Dennis.  They had rented a cabin on Squirrel and wanted to learn where and how to fish the lake.  Fishing started off fast with two pike in the boat in the first couple minutes.  Action slowed but we finished the day with 9 Pike that they kept and a few Bass they released.  Tuesday  with the promise of better weather we headed down to the willow.  The weatherman lied, and the fish reacted as expected.  We caught a few small Pike and only two decent sized, one of which got off before I got it in the net.  After fighting cold, wind, and rain for three hours the guys decided to retire early and come back another day.(smart choice).

Wednesday I fished the Minocqua Chain with the Neugent group, it was their annual get together a Nitschke's resort. We fished hard ending the day with 7 Bass 1 Pike 1 Perch and 4 Walleyes that were released.  We covered a lot of water for these fish but it was a good day.  

Thursday I was back on Minocqua with Dianna's nephews, Joe Delorme and Darrel Morrison from Yuma AR. coming from 120 degree heat to our weather was a shocker.  Joe had never fished from a boat before and Darrel's experience was limited. With a shore lunch promised for the family the pressure was on.  Another morning of rain and cold made fishing tuff, but at the end of the day we had plenty of fish for our fish fry and the guys learned a lot about fishing in Wisconsin.

Friday I was fishing with Mike and Tom Heroux.  We went out to the lake that that Mike had caught that 34 1/2 inch Pike a couple weeks earlier.  Once again the fish were really hitting lightly, and we lost more than we hooked.  At the end of the day they kept 7 Pike, nothing any where near that 34 1/2 incher, we caught  and released half dozen Walleyes all below the 18 inch minimum.  

The weather is getting back to normal and that should improve the fishing.  That's it for now folks good luck luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.  DAVE LANG  

6/16/17 Hi from the shore of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua.
TROPHY PIKE week is the best way to describe it.  After only 24 hours for the weather to settle down after the big storms that rolled through on Sunday and Sunday night, Tuesday morning Bob Weir, his son Neil and grandson Riley and I headed down to the Willow, conditions were decent.  One of our first fish was nice Walleye that Riley caught, action was slow I hit all of my good spots that had wind blowing a nice Walleye chop into them.  We boxed a few fish and lost a lot more.  With about an hour left I threw all the rules out and went to spot that was perfectly calm with an off shore wind the last place the fish should have been active.  In our remaining time we boxed two nice Walleyes and some more pike giving the guys a nice mixed bag of fish.  Once more proving when you think you have it figured out you get a surprise.  Wednesday morning we were greeted with the ideal conditions slight chop with over cast skies, I told the guys even I couldn't ask for more.  We went back down to the Willow starting where we left off the day before.  It was one of those days that make my life easy, the guys started putting fish in the box right away so I never fished.  About mid morning Bob set the hook on a good fish after it made a number of drag screaming runs he got the fish to the net.  A "TROPHY" PIKE 31 1/2 inches, probably close to 15 pounds, after sum pictures Bob released it to fight again. That was the fish of the trip along with a couple nice 18, and 19 inch Walleyes. The guys finished up the day with 5 Walleyes and 5 Pike that they kept in addition to some smaller fish that were released along with Bobs trophy Pike.  A great day on the willow.

Thursday I fished with Mike Heroux from Oshkosh.  Mike has his favorite Pike lake that we tried when he was up here a couple weeks ago, the weeds hadn't started to grow then and after an hour we went to a different lake.  It was a different story now we had nice weeds and the fish were there most of the Pike were 20  inches or less so we returned them only keeping those in the mid 20s.  Midway through the morning Mike set the hook into the second "TROPHY" Pike
in as many days, this one was 341/2 inches.  We caught a number of Walleyes short of the 18 inch minimum and one nice 18 3/4 incher.  In spite of bright blue skies and wind gusts to 20+ MPH the day was a great success. All of these fish were still shallow, relating to new weed growth.  For the most part they were all caught on 1/16 oz. jig & minnow, however in the strong wind I moved to 1/8 oz. It was a great 3 days on the water with a bunch of Walleyes from 15 to 19 inches and 2 beautiful Pike that were trophy class for northern wisconsin. That's all for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

6/12/17  Hi from the shore of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua.
 I just  got off the phone with the head of the Willow Management team for the DNR.  The storms yesterday did move the bog back south actually returning it to about the same location that it had been for 40 years.  A small portion did break off and is blocking the boat landing at the levated campsite just as you get out of the river.  They are looking at their options for securing it where it is this would be done by cabling it to shore or driving pilings to hold it.  The good news is that the channel is open for now, who knows what the next adventure will be.  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

6/11/17 Hi from the shores of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua.  I normally spread my reports out further but this weekend was "SPECIAL" best summed up with the 3 Ws WEATHER,WILLOW,WALLEYES.  Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing With Steve Kicmal and his son Jack.  We headed down to the Willow evan though the weather forecast was calling for increasing winds with gusts reaching 30 MPH. out of the SSE. We launched at the camp grounds.  We had a good morning catching 5 Walleyes however the only legal got off at the boat before I could get it in the net, along with a number of Pike.  By 11:00 the winds had reached the point where boat control was next to impossible and we couldn't feel our baits say nothing for a bite so we decided to call it quits.  This is when our adventure began with winds out of the south over 20 mph the main body of the flowage was all rolling with white caps.  Three fourths of the way back to the river leading to the camp ground landing we were blocked, the bog that had broken loose and floated across the main section of the flowage 2 weeks ago had now moved again completely blocking our exit.  I called my wife Dianna and arranged for her to meet us at the boat landing by the Willow Dam, the guys and I made a long rough ride down the flowage to the dam, tied the boat to shore.  Dianna arrived within minutes, gave us a ride back to pick up my truck and trailer, we then went back picked up the boat.  It was a good morning fishing high lighted when Jack caught a beautiful slot Walleye and ending up with a little added adventure at the close.

My son Jeff and I had never found the time to fish the Willow, so I gave him a call Saturday night and we finally made his first trip on the Willow this morning, launching from the dam.  We had a great morning after 3 hours we had 4 Pike in the box along with 5 Walleyes, we released 1 short Walleye and a dandy 23 inch slot fish.  We could hear thunder in the distance so we headed in one Walleye short of our limit but we had great catch.  We got the boat on the trailer and as we headed back to Minocqua the skies opened up dumping rain. While we were cleaning fish in the garage a major storm cell with  high winds rolled through knocking out power to over 4000 in the area, our power here in Minocqua was out for 6 hours.  We have had a number of strong storms roll through all day along with heavy rain, I am guessing 4 inches, these storms have all come from the NNW, the opposite wind direction as yesterday so I can only guess that the bog must have moved again, hopefully freeing up the channel.  I will try to get some up date tomorrow on the status of where the bog is and what the travel situation is.  This bog had stayed in the same area for as long as I know, 15-20 years until now.  I have already heard the DNR was thinking about waiting until next winter then using dynamite to break it up, also heard they were thinking of towing it somewhere and securing it to the shore.  Both rumors  so you know what they are worth, after all when did the DNR ever make a decision that fast.  I would advice any of you heading that way try to get some good information before you launch.

I can only think that after having thunder and lightning going on all day and predicted to continue through the night this nice pattern producing fish lately will come to end for a few days. All the fish we caught this weekend were caught in shallow water on jig and minnow.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOU LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.

6/8/17 Hi from the shores of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua. The weather in the lakeland area has finally gotten around to normal and water temps have risen to the low 70's, hopefully that, along with increased sun light, the weed growth will also catch up.  With the excellent Pike action I was having I invited my son David and my grandson Lawson to come up and catch Pike.(Lawson's favorite)  Unlike up until the Monday before catching a limit of Pike was easy, we spent almost 2 hours with only one small Pike.  With an eight year old in the boat you need more action than that so I pulled the boat and headed to the Minocqua Chain.  Although we caught enough fish for a great fish fry, action was slow.    The guys could fish Sunday morning for a few hours before heading home, so we headed back out where we started the day before, our first fish was a nice 23 inch Pike, we spent the morning hitting a number of spots and by noon we had 6 nice Pike all in the 20s and released a number of smaller Pike and 3 Bass.  Not great but a much better morning than the day before.

Monday morning I had a dozen minnows left from the weekend and decided it would be nice for Dianna and I to have some nice grilled Walleye.  I headed down to the Willow. It was the day that I wish you could have been with me. After just over 2 hours I had my 3 Walleye limit 16, 17, and 18 inches, I released 2 other legals and one dandy 23 inch slot fish.  The day I will talk about all year.

Yesterday I took part in "the Partners Event" in Lac Du Flambeau.  There were 20 + guide boats for 50 + anglers. The anglers were  from the WI. DNR and 6 of the Tribes in the state, along with some BIA representatives and a couple of former Packers.  This was the 25th outing and it was interesting to here the Tribal Chairman from the LCO tribe share his view.  To quote " in that first outing I fished with my enemy, we had only talked across the table at each other with lawyers present.  That changes in the boat when you are one on one, you get to know each other and I can say today we work together talking on a regular basis trying to build up our resources.  I had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of fishery biologist and had the chance to hear them share information about the research their tribes were doing, and it gave me a chance to ask some questions about growth rates etc.  I am afraid that I was not able to put the guys on many fish so I blamed it on poor resource management.  Many of you know that I feel that the spearing has effected our Walleye fishing along with other factors including some of our harvesting standards.  

Tonight Dianna and I will attend the "Walleyes For Tomorrow" annual banquet and fund raiser.  I was disappointed in how few people I asked yesterday were going to the banquet to night.  I know it is a little pricey but the work the group does is so beneficial to our fishery we owe them our support.  They share the same goal as the group yesterday but with a different approach that I think is at least as effective and in some instances more effective for what I hope to see happen here now and for what we will leave for my grandson Lawson.

Most of my fish have come out of 6 to 10 feet of water, although a couple of the Walleyes were only in 2 feet of water, this is not uncommon on the Willow Flowage.  I have been using minnows in the 3 to 5 inch range  mostly a function of availably.  On a negative note I am seeing Mayflies which will make catching fish difficult for a while.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DVE LANG 

Tonight Dianna and I will attend the Walleyes For Tomorrow anual banquet and fund raiser.  I was disappionted in how few people I asked yesterday were going to the banquet to night, I know it is a little pricey but the work the group does is so benefical to our fishery we owe them our support.

5/30/17  Hi from the shores of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua.  The main topic of conversation up hear is the weather, we continue to be about 10 degrees below normal and rain almost everyday.  

Thursday Mike and Tom Heroux were up from Oshkosh looking for some good Pike action, we headed out to Mikes favorite lake where we have done exceptionly well in the past.  The weeds had not started to grow and after 2 hours we only had 2 Pike, Tom caught and released a nice Smallmouth,  We pulled the boat headed to another lake I had been having good action were the guys filled their limit along with a nice 16 inch Walleye.

Friday it was Dave Schieder, Pat Owen, and Gregg Hess great young guys out of Chicago that I have fished with for a long time. There was some laughing about the last time out we had a bad storm that blocked the road with fallen trees that had to be cut before we could get out.  We were on the water by 7 at the end of our 1/2 day they had a nice limit of Pike along with a nice Largemouth, and one Perch.

Saturday I was back with Mike and Tom, after getting beatin up by two days of miserable weather they decided to only fish 1/2 a day. It was a nice morning with no rain gear reqired for a change and we all enjoyed it, once again they put together a nice bunch of Pike.

Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike Krause and his fiance' Jackie Willhausen from the Madison area.  We got on the water about 7:30 just as the rain stopped.  We had good action with Jackie boating a nice Pike and a dandy 111/2 Pierch.  for 2 1/2 hours the action continued at a decent rate.  A front moved in, the wind picked up and  switched directions it was like someone flipped a switch and the fish got lock jaw.  Once again proving that the weather trumps all. We had a great time and they had a couple of meals of fish to take home.

Dave Casper from Chicago and I hit the water before 7 yesterday with temps in the high 40's the effect of the cold front that swung through the Sunday.  Needless to say the fish were still in the funk that started Sunday.  We wotked hard and managed 6 pike and missed one Walleye.  While I cleaned fish in the parking lot Dave caught a nice Pike off the dock at the landing on a spinner bait.

All my fishing was done with 1/16 oz. weedless jigs tipped with minnows.  Because of the high water the bait shops are having are hard time with their ninnow supply so I have been taking what I can get, Dace, Redtails, and Blacktails, the biggest challenge is there is no consistancy in size.  Because I have been fishing a lot of Pike I like 4 inch bait but at least half the minnows are smaller.  I have caught fish with the smaller minnows but bigger has been better. Crappies have been bitting in shallow water along with some Bluegills.  That's it for now good luck fishin and remember

5/24/17 Hi from the shores of Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua.  Mother nature is still messing with us, I heard today that we have had rain 16 days already this month along with our temperatures being well below normal.  All of our lakes are high, the Rainbow and Willow Flowages are above full.  The water temps were 54/55 degrees 2 weeks ago but haven’t risen at all, in fact this morning on the Willow I only had 51.

Monday and Tuesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Bob Garbot and John Junck, on Monday the guys put together a nice mixed bag including a 16 3/4 inch Walleye that Bob caught along with 1 nice perch and 8 Pike ranging from 19 to 24 inches.  The guys had never been on the Willow so that was my choice, we were on the water at 7 AM and at 9:30 I had to admit defeat, we only had 1 bite it was the first time that I couldn’t get anything going.  With my tail between my legs we headed to a lake that Bob and I had fished before with good results, in our remaining couple hours we managed 5 Pike.  All of these fish hit extremely light, on Monday we were lucky to hookup 1 out of 4 bites half of the fish fell of the hook in the landing net, the others were barely hooked I only used the needle nose once in two days.  We were using 1/16 oz. weedless jigs tipped with dace minnows, in 5-8 feet of water in any green weed we could find.

Even though I had a terrible day on the Willow yesterday my plan was to meet Brady Gould and Jake Green both of Beloit at the Willow Dam at 7AM because they were staying in that area.  Fishing is always full of surprises and when we had action on the first spot we fished that was fish-less the day before, I was able to relax and enjoy.  The guys caught 4 beautiful ways between 16 and 19 inches along with 2 nice 20 inch Pike along with a number of short fish they released.  “What a difference a day makes.”  Thats it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

5/16/17 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy" Bay on Lake Minocqua. We arrived back home last Wednesday evening and fished the annual Tadpole Classic on Saturday.  The weather was good to us with morning temps in the low 50's this compared to the 30's last year with blowing snow.  The better conditions accounted for a vastly improved catch.  We have a maximum bag for each boat and everyone reached 5 fish by midmorning and was playing catch and release looking for one big kicker fish to fill their bag.  Tom Schodron won biggest Bass with a 5 pound beauty, my wife, Dianna captured biggest Pike with a 28 incher, and heaviest bag went to father son team of Ken & Nick Breezer with total weight of 14.5 pounds.  There were 8 Bass that were over 3 pounds, only 2 Pike over 22 inches. Eight Walleyes were caught even though no one targeted them because of the no harvest rule on the Minocqua Chain.  That rules through the 2019 season and all indications are that the Minocqua chain will be a real Walleye fishery at that time, lets hope we are smart enough to protect it.

After a slow opener due to cold, windy conditions that made fishing difficult the bite has improved this past week.  The best report I heard of came from the Rainbow and Willow for Walleyes and lots of Pike on the Willow.  As always medium sized lakes are also producing Walleyes, Pike and Crappies.  All of these fish are coming in shallow water, if you can find any green weed that will be a hot spot.  The water temps are in the mid to upper 50's and action should continue to get better.

On a sad note, I got an email a few days ago that my good friend and fishing companion, Brian Manning died in a car accident.  Brian and his buddy Tim fished with me the week after Labor Day each year.  Those of you that follow these reports have seen many pictures of him over the years.  It was Brian that nick named Kennedy Bay "Dog Fish Bay" because of the numerous Dog Fish we caught there.  Friends like him you never replace but you always remember. I am sure he is where the conditions are always good, the fish are big, and his hook sets are always solid.  

That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  "KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD"  DAVE LANG.

5/25/17  Hi from the shores of the Caloosahatchee River Cape Coral FL.  I just checked out the Chamber web cam that looks over Kennedy Bay on Lake Minocqua and it's ready for the opener. It is an unusual year for me to still be in Cape Coral this late but my son Matthew is graduating from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University on Monday, May 8th in Daytona Beach FL. so we will celebrate with him then head back to Minocqua in time for the annual Tadpole Classic.  This will be the first opener I will miss other than those years that the lakes were still frozen. My son Jeff will be hosting the annual opener for the Lang group, I will have a report from them.

This is what news I have on current conditions in the Lake Land Area.  Once again we have plenty of water, as of yesterday the area is a couple inches above the normal rain fall,  both the Rainbow and the Willow are full.  My son Jeff was out last Saturday on a medium size lake with some stain to the water that is open for Walleyes year round.  He sent me a picture of a nice Musky about 30 inches, only fish they landed.  They had a couple other bite offs and a few missed bites but no Walleyes. Water temp was 49 degrees, no green weeds which is to be expected.  No mater when the ice goes off or water temps weed growth is determined by hours of sun light.  My friend and guiding buddy Tom Schodron sent me a picture of a nice Crappie he caught this morning, no information on how many he caught or where but they are catchable. 

That"s it for now folks good luck fishin and remember

10/17/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Yesterday was the the perfect ending to a great year.  If you judged the morning when we started you would think this is the worst possible conditions for fishing.  It was a picture perfect morning clear sky, water flat as glass, and the lake surrounded with trees in full color, and we were chasing Walleyes.  The first hump produced a nice eater in the first 15 minutes then it was a slow process. Those of you that have fished with me have heard "daddy always said never leave fish to find fish" every time I said we 'll work back to the marker then move we would pickup another fish so we would stay.  After almost 2 hours we had 5 Walleyes and started to move hitting a couple more humps boating a total of 8 Walleyes.  Rather than spending our last hour filling our 9 Walleye lake limit we went looking for some pike action.  We picked two nice Pike putting a great ending to a great year.

Looking back over the year we certainly had some good fishing through out the year.  As always somedays were more difficult than others but if you were willing to keep moving including changing lakes we were always able to put fish in the boat.   You can look forward to some good fishing the rest of the year till ice up, it is all about how much you are willing to put up with weather wise.  I may get back on the water, but my plan is to hit the road south with my navigator Dianna and Hooker the fishing dog on November  3rd. It's time  look forward to next year, that's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.  DAVE LANG 


10/8/16  Hi from the shores of “Kennedy Bay” on Lake Minocqua.  MY Truck said 37 degrees at 5:30 this morning need I say more.  Mother nature is strutting her stuff here in the Minocqua area with breath taking colors, come on up and enjoy.  Monday and Tuesday of this week I had the pleasure of fishing with Bob Garbut and John Junck, these are the guys that had to cut their trip short last year when the rear axel on my trailer broke from the frame.( my one and only equipment failure thank God)  John had been up earlier this year, we had a great couple days catching Pike so John was ready to head out to the same lake, I had told him that in Sept. it produced some good Walleye action.  Monday produced  nice Walleyes not a great morning but I have learned that anytime you put Walleyes in the boat it is a good day.  As has been the theme all year we lost more bites than we caught, I am hooking the fatheads through the mouth out the gills then trough the body so the barb is almost half way back the body but we are still missing a lot of bites.

Tuesday morning we were back on the same rocks, after an hour and a half the only fish that we had was a 27 inch Pike that John caught on the bottom in 25 feet of water.  We decided to change our tactics and headed to some shallow weeds for Pike.  We ended the morning with 5 nice Pike two were 27+ inches, and one 9 inch Perch and a couple of short Bass we released.  

Yesterday I fished with Hank Rein and Fran Stieber it was proof of what grandma always said “If you want to make God laugh think you can out smart Him”.  They were originally coming up on Wednesday but looking at the weather they decided it would be best to change to Friday because the forecast was for a nice morning, cooling down but dry.  As I said I am sure God was laughing at us poor mortals, we planned on starting at 8 because of the rain we waited till 9 temp was 58 degrees and blowing over 10 mph. putting white caps on the lake where we were fishing.  Even though I was dressed for the worst by 11 I was digging in the boat compartments for another layer.  When we left the lake the temperature had dropped to 43 degrees and wind was gusting over 20 mph.  The guys caught 4 Walleyes(largest 17 inches) and 1 nice Crappie, a good catch for those conditions. I was thinking over the day later that afternoon and realized, we only had 5 bites and caught every bite, they weren’t hitting hard but they had the minnows all the way in so they got hooked.  I have been averaging about a 50% hook up rate, on a day when I would have expected for that to drop it was a pleasant surprise.

I have one trip scheduled for next weekend and a couple of maybes, I will go out a few times for a couple of fish fries for Dianna and I before we head to Fl. so I will keep you informed about what’s happening on the water. That’s it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD   DAVE LANG

10/2/16  Hi from the shores of “Kennedy Bay” on lake Minocqua.  The 2016 season is winding down, this past Tuesday I fished with Jim Waclawik, Mike Witek, and Roger Witek our choice for the day was Walleyes.  The weather was wet, breezy, and cool enough that I fished with gloves on all morning.  We had a good beginning boating a few Walleyes on our first hump, when action slowed we started moving from rock hump to rock hump picking up a Walleye here and there.  Action was slow but they put together a nice bunch of Walleyes.  As a bonus  we had two dandy Crappies 13 and 14 inches both of these fish came off the bottom in 28 feet of water.  After catching these two fish I am guessing that some of the bites we have been missing are Crappies not Walleyes.

Thursday Jim Naumczik and Ken Selucky( THE GUYS FROM NANCY’S PIZZA) were fishing with me.  Jim really surprised me when showed up with a Stringray line cutter around his neck and was singing the praises about how it cut braided line and thinking of other possible uses.We headed down to the Willow, the Tuesday group followed us in a tag boat (Jim Waclawik is Ken’s uncle).  The forecast was for partial clouds with wind in the single digits, by midmorning everyone had every layer of clothing on that they had in the boat and there were white caps on the flowage.  Even under these conditions the guys put together a nice mixed bag, we missed a number of bites that I am assuming were Walleyes judging by the skinned minnows. Jim Naumcik caught a beautiful 19 inch Smallmouth that he released to fight again.  Big fish of the day was a great 37 1/2 inch Pike caught by Mike Witek that will be mounted for the wall of there cabin, it was a great morning.  

The Walleyes were caught on jigs tipped with large fat heads fished in water ranging from 17 to 28 feet deep, fish on the Willow were shallow hitting weedless jigs tipped with redtail chubs. Next week I will be chasing Walleyes for 3 days bringing an end to my 2016 season.  It was a good year overall with a number of great days. There will still be some good Walleye action ahead as the water temps just dipped into the high 50s so some of my Walleye lakes haven’t really gotten into a fall pattern.  That’s it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOU ROD  DAVE LANG

9/26/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay"  on the Minocqua.  The weather today is wet, windy, and below normal temps and it looks like that's going to be the weather pattern for the rest of the week Fall is here.  Before leaving for Canada I spent a morning down on the Willow with Frank and Ann Kerschbaum.  They caught a nice bunch of Pike to take back to Bloomington IN. for some great fish fries.

Getting back on the water here last Tuesday I started off on the Flambeau Chain with John & Susan Sauermilch they were staying on Big Crawling Stone  so we started out fishing some rock humps for Walleye but no luck.  Moving to weed lines we finished the morning catching Pike and Bass.  On Thursday I was back on the water with Bill and his buddy Bill Wiess, we tried a different lake and found some nice Walleyes on rock humps catching Walleyes ranging from 12 to 16 inches.  We caught these fish from 17 to 28 feet deep on jigs tipped with large fatheads.

Friday I had the pleasure of fishing with Bruce Decorah and his wife Kari.  Kari wanted to try for a Musky so we hit a 135 acre lake where I have caught a number of really nice Muskies in the past but it just wasn't her day.  It is always frustrating to put in a morning without even seeing a fish but that's the way it is with Muskies.  

Saturday morning I was back chasing Walleyes with Tim Ash from Chippewa Falls.  It was a great morning with active Walleyes on rock humps.  We were fishing a size exempt lake meaning there was no minimum size but you are only allowed 1 Walleye over 14 inches.  It was one of those rare mornings when we were releasing fish because they were too big, we finally caught enough fish under 14 inches for our limit. 

Saturday the water temp was still 66 degrees but I am sure when I get on the water tomorrow morning it will have taken a big drop, hopefully it wont effect how the Walleyes have been bitting.  Wednesday I did some scouting on a lake where the Walleyes go deep in the fall but an hour of fishing from 30 feet down to 50 feet never produced a bite, looks like they wont make their migration until the water temp drops 10 or more degrees.  I will be on the water the rest of the week it will be interesting to see what happens, after experiencing this major cold front.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  

9/22/16  Hi from the shores of “Kennedy Bay” on Lake Minocqua.  Our wet weather continues we are nearly 2” above normal for this month.  This means that the Willow stays close to full making for some good fall fishing.  My annual adventure to Lake of the Woods in Sioux Narrows with my son Jeff was a pleasant mix of fishing and bonding with my son and his buddies.  We got into Sioux Narrows noon Friday.   John and his son Jake had been fishing all morning,when they came in for lunch they had seen 4 Muskies and Jake boated a dandy 45 incher.  There were 7 of us in total and with that beginning we were pumped.  Arriving back at the dock at 7:30 just as it was turning dark the best catch was my 38 inch Pike.  All boats had seen fish but no hits.  We couldn’t get into our normal cabin until Sat. so we were staying in town.  Bobbie Ulrich was my fishing partner,  the lake we were staying on has a good reputation for Lake Trout so we made the decision to try trout.  We were jigging over 200 feet to suspended fish at 110, as always we didn’t have a lot of action, I caught a 22 incher in the first 20 minutes so my hopes were high but it was just over an hour when Bobbie caught our second Trout a great 31 incher.  We found the other boats and picked up John’s son Jake who talked about trying Trout, that was the kiss of death we never had another bite.  We pulled the boats and headed to Lake of The Woods, checked into the camp and fished 3 hours to finnish the day, John caught his second Muskie of the trip a nice 42 incher.  The next morning I caught my only Musky of the trip a 38 incher.   I headed out Monday morning to get back here to fish on Tuesday.  When I left we had 4 Muskies which is decent but not great.  That will be enough until next year.

A few weeks ago I was walking into McDonald’s and was stopped by a nice young lady asking about a landing on Lake Minocqua.  After talking a little bit she held out a little thing she had around her neck and asked if I had ever seen one.  It is called “THE STING RAY” it is a line cutter designed to be used to cut super braid line.  Those of you that have fished with me know I have braid on all my reels, I have used the little scissors, the Berkley heat cutter, and of course my knife.  This is by far the best yet I have used it to cut everything from 10 pound test to doubled 65 pound test, it cuts it like a hot knife through butter.  My concern when I saw it was being able to cut close to the knot for a short tag, no problem in fact I actually got so short I nicked the knot.  I also tried it on the 25 pound test fluorocarbon leader I use and again it cut it no problem. Best part is it only cost $9.95.  Check this out on their website www.stingraylinecutter.com.  Julia and her husband manufacture this in their basement in Eagle River and it is available on Amazon,  as well as some bait shops.  I love local stuff and the personal manufacturing instead of all the imported stuff.  TRY IT YOU’LL LIKE IT.

That’s it for now folks I will have local reports after this weekend when I have gotten back on the water here.  Good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.  DVAE LANG

9/11/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay"  on Lake Minocqua. Like everyone else when I typed todays date I stopped to remember that hideous day 15 years ago.  NEVER FORGET THOSE VICTIMS.  Fall is in the air according to my truck it was 49 degrees at 5:30 this morning.  Water temps are still in the 70's but that will change.  

For me this is the end of Manning week, it has been about 10 years that Brian Manning of Naperville and Tim Mueller of Elmhurst have been coming up the Wednesday after Labor Day to spend four days fishing with me.  The weather forecast was not good with possible thunder storms all week. On Wednesday we fished on the Minocqua Chain, we had a light rain and little breeze perfect conditions.  Our first spot produced two Bass in the first 5 minutes, the morning continued to produce nice action ending the day with 12 Bass and 2 Pike.

The forecast for Thursday showed a break in the lightning until late in the day so we headed down to the Willow Flowage.  A front came through early and made for some tough fishing.  We ended the day with 7 nice Pike and an 11 1/2 inch Perch. Once again it was one of those days when we had to keep moving never catching more than one fish in the same place.  

Friday we decided to try for Walleyes.  We fished rock humps coming out of 40 feet of water topping out in the teens.  We caught Walleyes from 28 feet to as shallow as 17 feet.  The lake we were on is size exempt with only i fish over 14 inches.  At the end of the morning we caught 12 Walleyes keeping 8 the 4 largest were 13 1/2, 16, 17, and 17 1/2 inches. These fish were caught vertical jigging with fathead minnows.

Yesterday we were back on the Minocqua Chain and put together a nice bag of Bass.  It was a great week, we got a break with the weather wearing rain gear everyday but never getting chased off the water.  

Other than the Walleyes these fish were all caught on jigs with redtail chubs in weeds in 2 to 12 feet of water. Tomorrow I am going to be fishing with Frank and Ann Kerschbaum from Bloomington IN. then heading to Canada with my son Jeff and some of his buddies for our annual Musky trip.  That's it for now folks good luck fishing and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

9/1/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  This is 
transition time from summer to fall patterns depending on water temps. Last week Monday I fished with Hank Rein of Mosinee and his daughter Karen, we fished on the Minocqua Chain the water temp was still in the mid 70s. They put together a nice mixed bag of 6 Bass, a nice 9" Perch and a dandy 28 inch Pike.

This Monday I fished with John Meltzer, Marlene Schwartz , and  Bill Heilbronner we headed down to the Willow, the water remains high with  a 70 degree water temp.  Marlene started the morning with a short Pike that we released and then followed up with a 14 1/2 inch Walleye just short of the 15 inch minimum.  Bill got on the board next with a huge Dog fish.  Not a bad beginning for the first spot but no fish in the box.  After that things slowed down we hit a number of spots picking up a fish here and there with a lot of moving.  We ended the morning with 6 Pike all in the 20 inch class with a few more short Pike released.  It was a decent morning with good action not a huge bag  but a couple of bags of fillets for a fish fry.

Yesterday I went back down to the Willow will Liz Schaalk  of Joliet Il. and her son in-law Jack Breyman from Naples FL..  We fished the first 1 hour and a 1/2 without putting a fish in the boat, I kept moving finally boating our first fish.  Then we hit a spot where the fish were active, including a double, I was able to put my rod down and just land fish for a while, then like someone flipped a switch they stopped.  We hit a number of spots after that having some short hits and missing a couple of fish at the boat.  At the end of the morning they had a nice bunch of fish including 6 Pike, a 10 inch Perch and a nice smallmouth.  Conditions were good with water temps falling to 71 degrees.

Welcoming in the 1st of Sept. today I headed back down to the Willow with Bill Harper of Scottsdale AR.,Tom Doepker of Three Oaks MI., and Larry Renbarger of Leesburg In. the guys met in Minocqua for a little fishing.  It was the first day in 2 and a 1/2 months that fished all morning with my jacket on, the water temp has dropped to 68 degrees "sounds like the start of fall".  We started off slow with a bite off and a couple of missed bites and fish getting off part way to the boat.  At one time we were 8 missed fish to one caught. We moved to a new spot and started to turn our percentages around.  In our last couple of spots the guys really got going ending the day with a great mixed bag of 8 Pike from 20 to 25 inches, a 12 1/8 inch Perch and a 16 3/4 inch Walleye a great start to this fall.

Fall is my favorite time of the year and it's off to a good start. In the next couple of weeks we will see more Walleyes moving into their fall patterns relating to rock humps on some of our area lakes, and deep holes on other lakes these are eater size fish not wall hangers for the most part, but great action. I will be on the water pretty steady for the next 10 days and will continue to fish the Willow at least for the next few days.  I am using jigs with redtail chubs for these fish in water from 2 to 9 feet deep being a flowage the Willow does not have the nice coontail and cabbage weeds that our lakes do so you are fishing grass and lesser weeds.  As I have said so often this year the secret is moving until you find fish.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.  DAVE LANG

8/18/16  Hi From the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on lake Minocqua.  Last week Tuesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Chris Ihrke and his son Carson we stayed on the Minocqua Chain catching 7 nice Bass and one Perch.  Perch have been showing up in my catches on Minocqua pretty regularly, we are catching them on jig and minnows so they are 8 to 12 inches.  It was a fun morning and Chis said Carson was really proud to bring the fish back to the camp grounds  for that evenings fish fry for his family and grandma and grandpa..

Wednesday I went down to the Willow with Deb Kravit  and her friend Amy.  Deb and I fish together every year, due to scheduling conflicts we only had two days so the Willow was her first choice.  After a couple of hours the girls had a Pike each and both of them had big fish on that spit the jig without us seeing them, judging by the runs they made I am guessing big Smallmouth.  My crawler hadn't produced anything so I switched to a minnow.  At the end of the morning they had a nice mixed bag including a dandy 19 1/2 inch Walleye, a 17 inch Smallmouth, and 7 Pike it was a great morning on a great body of water.  We knew weather was going to be a problem for Thursday so we agreed to consider Lake Minocqua so we could dodge the storms that were forecast.  Even that plan was doomed, Deb and I talked at 6:00 that morning decided to talk again at 8, there was no hope so we were forced to cancel, it turned out to be the right decision, mother nature dumped 3 inches of rain along with some thunder and lightening.

Sunday I was back down on the Willow with Dave Latham of Bradford NH.  Dave is a good fisherman with experience in New Hampshire, Maine, and some saltwater but like so many of our visitors no Walleye.  Conditions were about as bad as they get with bright blue skies and water flat as glass but we headed to the Willow anyway.  We did manage some Pike and Bass but no Walleye.  Even though the Willow is stained water from all the Tamarack swamps that the Tomahawk River flows through the fish really turn off under these conditions.  Watching the boats that were pulling planer boards I never saw a net so I felt good that at least we had some action.

The first part of this week my son David and grandson Lawson were here to do some fishing,  David shares my love of the Willow so thats were we headed Monday morning.  We got a late start and paid the price, we managed some Pike, one dandy that Lawson lost at the boat, but once again no Walleye.  We fished Minocqua chain Tuesday and Wednesday morning and had great action catching enough Bass, Perch, Crappie, and Pike for two fish fries and 3 packages of fillets for them to take home.

For me fishing has been good as long as you aren't too fussy.  We have  been having above normal temps and a lot of sun with little breeze making for tuff conditions.  I am still catching fish in 2 to 12 feet of water in weeds on 1/16 oz. jigs.  I continue to compare crawlers to minnows whenever I am on the Willow, the Walleye catch is pretty even but the minnows still continue to have a big advantage when it comes to Pike and Bass.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

8/9/16  Hi from the shores of Kennedy Bay” on Lake Minocqua.Summer continues to keep water temps in the high 70’s, not much rain and little breeze.  It has been an interesting week Friday I fished with Bart Hobson and his two sons Graham and Ross.  They were staying at the Americ Inn so I picked them up at Tropy park and we fished the Minocqua Chain.  Ross put  the first fish in the boat in within a 100 yards of the dock, minutes later Graham lost what looked like a 20 inch Pike.  The action slowed down after that, we hit a few spots then moved to Kewaguesaga.  The first area produced  some action and Graham made up for the Pike he lost earlier catching a beautiful 27 1/2 inch Pike.  Moving to a number of other spots produced some more Pike and Bass, largest Bass 17 inches.  It was a good day ending up with a nice mixed bag for them to take back to Wausau for a fish fry.

Saturday with Brad Mead of Minocqua, Jim Rollette and Dennis Mead, we headed down to the Willow which remains nearly full.  I am still fishing with at least one crawler along with the normal Redtails, because there were 4 of us it was 2 and 2.  Conditions were fair and we had spotty action boating Pike, one nice Smallmouth 18 inches and a number of Walleyes only one over the 15” minimum. 

Sunday morning I had the pleasure of fishing with John Vogt from Tampa FL. our only goal was for John to catch his first Walleye.  I picked John up at 5:30 and we headed out to the Willow, the weather channel said 2-6 mph breezes out of the NW which help because the sky was a mile high blue and bright.  The breeze never came and we were faced with water flat as glass and bright sun not what I wanted if I had to find him his first Walleye.  The first spot produced a nice Largemouth about 3 lbs. not what a guy from FL. is looking for.  The best thing about fishing with good anglers is they know what bad conditions are, when I said something about the sun and flat water John just laughed, he told me when he saw the weather when he got up he thought “wonder how long it will be before the guide complains about the weather” well it took and hour so I felt pretty good.  The third spot did get John his first Walleye so the trip was a success.  We caught some Pike and a few more Walleyes the largest 14 1/2 inches so no keepers but we did catch some meeting our goal.  That’s it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD


7/27/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  After a night of heavy rains and strong winds and more of the same forcast for today it is a good day to be off the water.  Monday I fished with Ben Hohulan from Peoria IL. and his 
friend Lynett , they were staying at the LOF casino and wanted to learn some spots on the Flambeau Chain.  We met at 8 AM and started on Lake Pokegama we caught some Largemouth and one Pike.  We headed over to Flambeau Lake next again we caught some Bass no Pike or Walleye.  We had an enjoyable morning, with water temps reaching the high 70s by noon our success or lack there of was probably linked to our late start.

Yesterday I fished the Willow with Norm Mc Dougle husband of one of Dianna's close friends.  I really wanted to compare crawlers to minnows when it comes to Walleyes, with that in mind I always kept one line with a minnow and the other with a crawler.  First fish was a nice 15 1/2 inch Walleye on a redtail at the end of the morning we had 8 Walleyes 2 legals and 6 shorts split even between minnows and crawlers 4 each.  As you know I am a minnow guy for a number of reasons first of all minnows are much easier to cast, you don't get all the pesky bites from panfish, when a Walleye bites a night crawler you need to give it quite a bit of time for it to swallow the bait minnow bites are usually easier to hook.  The biggest reason I like minnows is I feel that they increase my chance of a  mixed bag.  Yesterday was a classic example after an hour both crawlers an minnows caught an equal number of Walleyes but the redtails also caught 4 Pike, I noticed that when Norm lost his crawler he switched to a redtail, because I was more interested in comparing the two baits than numbers of fish I switched to a crawler. At the end of the morning the thing that stood out the most was the fact that we caught 7 Pike everyone on a redtail not one on a crawler.  My son Matthew will be visiting the end of the week and we will head out to the Willow and try the same thing to see what happens  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

7/24/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Summer is here, we have had hot humid days for the last week, The lake that I was on yesterday had water temps of 78 degrees in the bays.  Looking out across the bay it is a beautiful morning following some early morning storms. There is one boat fishing the far shore just a great morning on Minocqua before the traffic picks up.

Monday I was down on the Willow with Rob Schweigert and his two sons conditions were tough for the Willow with bright sun and little breeze.  We covered a lot of water managing a couple of nice Pike and one good Smallmouth along with numerous small Pike and Bass but no Walleye.

Wednesday I was fishing with Charlie Langhoff his step father Phil and brother-in-law Mike, these guys are all related to Rob so there was a little competition.  We headed west to one of my favorite Pike lakes, after 1 1/2 hours and only one small Largemouth to show for our efforts it wasn't looking good for the boys.  I pulled the boat heading for lake number 2.  We were forced into covering a lot of water, we would pick up a fish here and there.  I finally found a decent concentration of nice Pike that produced good action for an hour before turning off, one last stop produced a low 20 inch Pike that was really skinny for it"s length so it went back.  The guys ended the morning with 8 decent Pike and 1 good Largemouth not great but a good summer outing.

Yesterday I fished with Devin Hess and his girl friend Jade from Beloit. They were staying with his uncle Ron on Johnson Lake, Ron had told Devin about the great trip he and Keith Passon one of Devin's other uncles had in June when all I had time to do was net their fish. Needless to say Devin was pumped for a big day of catching.  We headed out west again,  Devin was the hot stick putting most of the fish in the box and Jade caught her first fish bigger than a Bluegill.  At the end of the morning they had 3 nice Pike an eighteen inch smallmouth and a nice Crappie for their fish fry along with some short Smallmouth and a Walleye that they returned to grow.  I have to admit it wasn't the day that his uncles had but that is the difference between mid June and late July.

I am still catching these fish in 5 to 15 feet of water using 1/16 oz jigs and redtail chubs.  It gets harder to keep the redtails alive with the heat, as always I keep my minnows in a large cooler with the aerator pumping along with an ice pack in the water this lasts for the 4 hours.  Black tails are easier to keep alive but my preference is the redtails.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

7/11/16  Hi from the shores of “Kennedy Bay” on Lake Minocqua, Iwas an interesting weekend.  If I were in charge of the weather conditions I couldn’t have done better, we had light breezes cloud cover and a light rain at times the conditions I dream of.

Friday I fished with Tom and Mike Heroux from the Menasha/Oshkosh area.  They Pike guys and we headed out to our favorite lake that we have fished for going on ten years.  I boated a nice Pike in the high twenties right away and thought this is going to be one of those days we all dream of.  I should remember  what my mother used to say “if you want to make God laugh think you have things figured out”.  We had an okay day, boxing 7 Pike and one Bass releasing some small Pike and about 10 Walleyes that did not make the 18 inch minimum size limit.  A good day but not what I expected with those conditions.

I have a trip scheduled next Saturday with a family that is staying on a medium size lake west of Minocqua, the purpose is to catch some fish and to learn the lake.  I fish the lake spring and fall for Walleyes, they are small but numerous, however I know from experience July can be the kiss of death.  The lake is dark and has no weed beds, some shore weed grass and lilly pads, most of you know this will give me an anisity attack.  I had just a couple of hours so my plan was to look at some of the shore areas that have weed growth hoping to find something with promise.  Working these areas with a jig and redtai and spinner baitsl was not promising, I know Pike are rare but hoped for Largemouth no luck on either.  After about an hour I did hook land and release a 29/30 inch Musky on a jig, this lake has good numbers of them but like the Walleyes not enough forage for them to grow so the minimum size is 28 inches making it a legal.  I left the shore and fished rocky areas the only structure the lake offers, fishing with a jig tipped with a leach produced one small Smallmouth. I have some time tomorrow and will head back out there and work some of the main lake area with crawlers and leaches like I used to work the mud flats in Lake Winnebago.  I will let you know in my next report how things work out.

Sunday I was back on the water with the Heroux brothers, once again we had perfect weather, we hit a different lake that had been my hot producer the first part of the season.  The guys were going back that afternoon so the plan was for 1/2 day.  I caught a nice crappie and Mike followed up with our first Pike that did it for our first spot.  After 2 1/2 hours and on our 4th spot we managed some decent action ending the day with 7 Pike, 1 crappie, and two Largemouth in the box.  Once again a good morning just not what I expected with the conditions we had.

With all my whining about weather conditions it was more frustrating to have the perfect conditions and having to struggle.  Just proving what I always say “we are like farmers even when we get the weather we want we complain”.  I did get good reports on both the Rainbow and Willow Flowages, they aren’t in my plans now but maybe next week.  That’s it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD


7/6/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  I am off the water today enjoying coffee on the porch looking at a perfectly quiet lake, not a boat in sight.  This is after 4 days of boats, wave runners and pontoons everywhere.   The weather was fantastic so all our visitors could enjoy what I am lucky enough to have everyday. That being said I have been fishing on Minocqua and Kewaguesaga  every day this past week except the 4th.

Friday day I fished with Keith Passon his daughter and nephew,   They put a nice mixed bag of Pike and Bass together.  As usual it was Keith's daughter that caught the fish of the day a really nice Pike about 28 inches.

Tuesday Jim Tsagalia and his father in law Craig, it was their annual trip with me. They are great guys to fish with and remind me of the days I spent on the water with my late wife's dad "grandpa Swin" lots of trash talk to go along with the catching.  Once again we put together a nice bag of Bass and Pike. Bad news for Jim, Craig caught big fish of the day giving him possession of "THE GOLDEN HOOK TROPHY"  to be mentioned and embellished on at all family gatherings for the next year.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with Todd Roepke from Mn.  We had never fished together before but Todd had fished the chain before.  Todd was staying at the Point Condos so I picked him up at the dock at 6 giving us a few hours on the water before the traffic picked up.  Once again we had a nice mixed bag keeping a few Pike and Bass for Todd and his family to enjoy a fish fry.  It was a good morning and we agreed to hook up again next year.

Yesterday I fished with Ken Carrigan from Kingsport TN, his wife Tonnie joined us, not to fish but just to enjoy the scenery.  After I boated the first fish Ken took over catching the next 6 in a row including a dandy 28 inch Pike.  I tried to tell him I was holding back so he felt good but he wasn't buying it and mentioned that he saw me miss a half dozen hook sets.   

It was a good week on the chain, I never went to Lake Tomahawk because the action held up on Kewagesaga and Minocqua." NEVER LEAVE FISH TO FIND FISH".  After boating 1 or 2 Walleyes every time I was on Minocqua before this week they proved more difficult and we never boated one this week, I think it was a combination of weather and the increase in boat traffic.  At the end of the week we caught equal numbers of fish from both lakes, depending on the day one always out produced the other, the same was true of the spots we fished.  You have to move around fishing a spot thoroughly when you catch a fish, many of the spots that produce one day will appear fish less the next.  Normally I don't get hung up on jig color but the 1/16 oz. weed weasel in pumpkin seemed to have an edge.  I have been using Red Tail Chubs fishing in weeds from 5 to 12 feet deep.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

6/29/16  Hi from the shores of “Kennedy Bay” on Lake Minocqua.  This mornings temperature when I left the house was a beautiful 55 degrees not a ripple on the lake with a mile high blue sky great morning to be getting ready for the 4th instead of looking for fish.

It was a good week starting out fishing three days with Sam McGrew, his son Miles and granddaughter Ramsey, they were staying at Pine Hill Resort on Lake Kawaguesaga  arriving Monday early afternoon. It is always fun meeting new people and they continued the trend, Sam is a former speaker of the IL. State Legislature with a WI. connection having been a school superintendent at Cuba City.  Lots of stories and a great sense of humor.  When we passed Big Crocked Lake I couldn't resist telling him it was named after an IL. politician  he just laughed.  Ramsey was a delight, she is an eighth grade basketball start standing 5 foot 10 inches, “WOW”

 I really don’t like afternoon fishing but they didn’t want to waste the day so I picked them up at their dock at 2:00.  We started out right in front of the resort and after working the weed edge about 15 minutes  Riley caught our first Pike, staying on Kawaguesaga for a couple hours we caught more Pike then moved to Minocqua and added some Bass to our catch.  The kicker fish came when Ramsey boated a beautiful 22 inch Walleye right here in Kennedy Bay.

Tuesday I picked them up at the normal 6:30 AM and we headed out west where I had been doing real well the past few weeks.  We had a good morning putting together a nice mixed bag of Pike, Bass, and 1 Walleye.  Wednesday we headed out to my favorite Pike Lake.  When I hit my first spot I was greeted by a slick of May Flies on the surface, we fished for an hour with one Pike and we pulled the the boat and headed back to Lake Minocqua.  It proved to be a good choice putting together a mixed bag of Pike and Bass.  

Friday and Saturday I fished with Steven A Smith, no not the one on ESPN.  Sam’s grandfather built a cottage on Katherine lake a 100 years ago and it remains in the family and this was his first trip back in a longtime.  Wanting to show him what we have to offer my plan was to hit a couple of different lakes.  We were fishing cold front conditions with little breeze and bright skies, and the fishing showed it.  After really struggling for an hour I pulled the boat and headed back to Minocqua.  We still had to work extremely hard to put some fish in the boat, not what I would call a good day.  The morning was saved when Steve caught a really nice Largemouth on the last spot we fished.  The next morning we stayed on Minocqua andKawaguesaga, Steve had kept enough fish for their dinner the day before so it was a catch and release day.  We put together a nice mixed bag of Pike, Bass, and Walleye the fish of the day was a dandy Pike that Steven caught.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing with the Neugent group they stay at Nitschke’s Resort every year.  I picked them up at the dock at 6:00 heading out to Kawaguesaga.

To my amazement there were three boats sitting on my first spot, it’s a good sized area but 3 is a crowd so after a little while we moved to spot number two.  The other boats were fishing Crappies floating small minnows under bobbers.  They were catching some but most were pretty small.  We had a good morning boating the usual mix of Pike, Bass, Perch, Rock Bass, and one nice Walleye.

It will take a little time for the May Fly effect to go away but after that I expect the fishing to get back to normal, until then I will be spending a lot of time on the Minocqua Chain where the May Fly hatch was a week earlier.  I am catching my fish on 1/16 OZ. jigs tipped with Red Tail Chubs no big difference on color, the Redtails are hard to keep alive and a little pricey but worth it.  The secret for me has been being willing to move and having a large inventory of spots.  When fishing the chain I have been hitting as many as a dozen spots in a 4 hour morning, spots that produce the day before can be cold as a mother-in-laws smile the next day.  Water temps are in the seventies.  Last Saturday just before the storms rolled in my sons hit the water for Musky proving that weather trumps everything else they boated 3 Muskies two were small but 1 nice 39 incher.  That’s it for now folks good luck fishin and remember



6/20/16 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Summer came to Minocqua this weekend with temperatures in the mid to high 80s what a change.  

Last week found me on the water with Bob Weir, his son Neal and grandson Riley.  Fish were cooperating and the guys boated some really nice Pike.  The highlight of the morning was when Riley caught his first Pike everyone on the lake heard him yelling that's why I do this.  The next morning we headed out to the same lake, for the first time in nearly two weeks the lake let me down, after hitting three spots in the first hour they hadn't put a fish in the box.  There is nothing to be gained in beating a dead horse so we pulled the boat and headed to a different lake.  The landing had 3 rigges in it all guides from the Minocqua area that told me I wasn't the only one searching.  We started out slowly with a couple missed fish until on the third spot Neal landed a nice Pike.  I marked the spot with a float and continued to work that small area in the middle of a large weed bar. This was the first time I fished in a week and a half hoping  to help find fish and add a few to the box.  It was a great day for Riley as he caught more fish than anyone else in the boat boxing some mid 20 inch Pike.  The guys caught Walleyes rangeing from 15 to 17 3/4 inches, they would have made the day on any other lake but this lake has an 18 inch size limit so they all went back. The action was slower than it has been for the last couple of weeks but at the end of the morning the guys had a half dozen Pike in the box and equal number of Walleyes that they threw back and one dandy Smallmouth.

I was scheduled to fish the Minocqua chain today but while we sat on the porch yesterday afternoon the screens started to fill up with Mayflies the "curse of all fishermen".  When these things come out of the mud on the lake bottom the fish gorge themselves on the larva making for extremely difficult fishing so plan B will be a different lake.

As usual I am concentrating on weeds in 5 to 9 feet of water,however today is a typical cold front day with temperatures dropping 10 degrees with strong winds and mile high blue skies so I expect to be working the deeper edges of the weeds 10 feet plus.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG 

6/11/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  As always it's all about the weather Ron Schnieder and the boys got up here yesterday early afternoon and we headed out at 1:30.  We had a good couple of hours catching Pike and a nice 16 inch Walleye just the first clap of thunder rolled in.  We made it to the landing as the rain started and the wind came up.  We were stuck on the road out until a guy on our side of the trees showed up with a chain saw and the guy with the tree on the tongue of his trailer worked for Quality Engine and was going to pick up a Bobcat.  See pictures this was the worst since my trip when Brian Manning, Tim and I got caught on the Willow.  See pictures.


6/10/16 Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  It has been a busy week for me starting Sunday with Doug Jones, his wife Kris and fishing partner Matt Schaetter.  In a hint of how the week was going to be we had to change lakes at 5:30 in the morning due to the wind.  We headed down to the Willow that offers a lot of places to hide. The first few places we hit produced some hits and a couple of small Pike.  After a half dozen moves we got into some better action and Matt caught a nice 20 1/4 inch Walleye, just inside the new slot size.  We made a couple more moves catching more Pike and Matt managed another Walleye slightly bigger than the first again in the slot.  In spite of the weather we had a good morning catching Pike and Walleyes.

Monday started a 3 day stretch with Bob Garbutt, his brothers Tim and Don, and Tim's son Griff.  The wind settled down a bit and we headed out to my favorite Pike lake, we were in the uniform of the week WARM CLOTHS RAIN GEAR, HATS AND GLOVES.  The guys boated some nice Pike and two Walleyes 17 1/2 and 17 3/4 the lake has an 18 inch limit so once again they were released.  Tuesday was their day to catch enough fish for their annual neighborhood fish fry.  We switched to a lake with a shallow weed bay known for holding fish early in the season.  The Pike really cooperated and the guys put together a beautiful mixed bag, we  were on a lake with no size limit on Walleyes so they could keep some along with a dandy 12 1/2 inch perch.  Mid morning I commented to the guys it just isn't right when you can see your breath on the  7th of June.  Finally Wednesday morning we were greeted by the sun and just a light breeze, they decided that they wanted to go back where we were the day before the goal was to keep 1 fish per guy for their last night fish fry and a good day of catch and release.  After 4 hours they had their fish for dinner and an estimate of between 25 and 30 released Pike and Bass a great day.

Yesterday I was off the water due to a cancelation due to the clients having to cancel their trip hopefully nothing serious. Today I am going out late afternoon with Ron Schnieder and his group it is an annual trip but timing was difficult so afternoon was the only option.

The week produced some good action with fish getting active in new weeds.  The fish on the Willow came as shallow as 2 feet, proving you can never fish too shallow on the Willow, other fish came from 5-9 feet.  Fish continue to hit very lightly for the most part with at least half falling off the jig when they get in the net.  As always we were using 1/16 oz. jigs but Red Tail Chubs seemed to out fish the Fat Heads.  The jig color didn't seem to make any difference, as always it is the way you work the jig and your sense of feel with these light bites.  Although it was hard to release those beautiful Walleyes it is good to see that the DNR finally is going to a slot, it has worked well in our neighboring states and Canada, the future of Walleye fishing is in our hands.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

5/31/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  We are finally getting the rain we needed so badly.  I fished 6 out of the last seven days and my hat goes off to Julian &  Carlos Johnson, Rock & Cindy Schulze ,Tony & Jackie  Patanella, Kieth Passon & Mike Danz, and the John Meltzer group most of all his 92 year young dad Dave for bearing up under some really wet conditions.  Two of the days we got chased of the water after just a couple hours.  I normally don't like to combine trips together in my reports but these trips were so similar it is the right thing to do.  

With the weather not cooperating the fish were,  every day we left the water with a nice mixed bag.  Pike were the dominate spices being about 10 to 1 for every Walleye so most days produced a limit of Pike, along with 1 or 2 Walleyes, with Bass, Perch, Crappie, and one small Tiger Musky mixed in, it was a great week to be fishing in the Minocqua area.  I always say that my best trips are the ones where I just take fish off and bait hooks and that is what the week was, I'll suffer through the weather anytime for a week like that.  

These fish were all caught in shallow weeds with 1/16 or 1/8 oz. weedless jigs large using fat heads. With so much rain running into the lakes the water temps fluctuated daily but you can count on low 60s.  Depending on the lake, weeds are greening up nicely and all lakes should be in good shape in the  next week.  I have the next 4 days off before I start another 7 day stretch, I think the action should continue at a great pace with fish concentrating in the new weeds and feeding well.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

5/20/16  Hi from the shores of "KennedyBay" on Lake Minocqua.  What a week it has been.  It started off on Saturday with the Tadpole Memorial Classic, we were greeted by snow flurries, wind out of the north gusts over 30 mph,and a little sleet thrown in just for fun.  With a cold front like that it was tuff to put a fish in the boat.  I spent 80% of our day in view of the house to stay out of the wind, after 1 1/2 hours my grandson Lawson was so misserable we went back into the house to warm up.  Seeing us go in Paul Meyer, his brother Dan and the 5 kids they had on their pontoon followed suit.  As you can see from the picture we had plenty of fish for a fish fry at the end of the day and everyone had fun.  It will be one to remember.

I fished with Jim Selucky Ken Naumczik on Sunday, the guys drove up from Chicago that morning so we met at the Willow Flowage at 11:30. The tempature was still about 10 degrees below normal with wind out of the north needles to say the fish were still under the effect of the cold front.  We had some hits at the first spot we hit but they were real light and we missed all of them.  After 5 hours on the water we had 7 Pike that we kept and a few we threw back and no Walleyes.

I was scheduled to fish with George Roelandts of Mishawaka Indiana  on Monday,  we pushed the trip out to Tuesday hoping the fish would start to come back.  We started on a small dark lake we missed two fish in an hour and a half.  We decided that was enough and pulled the boat and headed to another lake where we found some active Pike.  They were still hitting very lightly but we managed to put 9 in the box and threw some back.  The next morning we headed back to the Willow. The weather finally started to warm although I had to scrape my windshield.  The morning played out the same, a lot of missed bites, we put some Pike in the box but no Walleyes.  

Thursday I fished with Dustin Magnason and his brother Eric from Crete IL, We started off looking for Walleyes.  We missed some bites managed to hook 3 Walleyes but the fish were still under the effect of the front even though the temperature was back to normal.  These fish were caught in 14 feet of water on mud.   We switched lakes and hit active Pike on the first spot I never fished and the guys had their limit in just over a hour.  We called the day a success and headed to the cleaning station.

Yesterday I fished with Jim Waclawik his daughter her friend and Mike W.  Jim wanted to fish a lake we had fished last fall with good success. I explained that it was my favorite Pike lake but it is very deep and always late to start in the spring meaning I normally don't fish it until  June.  Two hours only produced 1 nice Pike, the problem was that Jim has a cabin on the on the lake that I have been having the best action so he didn't want to go there.  We headed into Minocqua and even there we fished hard for just one really nice Pike just short of 30".

I just talked to a guy with a great catch of Crappies, he caught them out of a small lake that he can only get to with his 4 wheel drive and 12 foot boat he carries in the back. They hadn't spawned yet but were close to shore no deeper that 6 feet.  With the weather warming I expect the fish to get active soon.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG


5/11/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  The day before the opener was summer like with a high temperature of 87, with a thunderstorm in the evening moving through ahead of a cold front.  Saturday morning was in the 40's and struggled to hit 60. The wind was out of the north and picked up throughout the day making for difficult boat control. My son Jeff, Paul Peerenboom, and I hit the water about 7:00 Saturday morning on a medium sized dark water lake.  Water temperature was 59 degrees, we found Walleyes where we expected in this lake in thirteen feet of water on a mud bottom.  We caught 10 Walleyes but only one was over the minimum 15" size limit.  After lunch we switched lakes, again medium size with dark water, the big difference was that it was size exempt.  Again we started out on a mud bottom ranging from 8 to 14 feet.  We had a few bites and boated one 14 1/2"  Walleye.  Changing tactics we moved to some rock humps that came out of 9 feet up to 2 feet, we caught three more Walleyes ranging 13 to 14".  On both lakes the fish were biting very lightly probably the result of post spawn and the cold front.

Yesterday I went down to the Willow Flowage to do a little scouting for next week when I have fisherman coming up. Water level is good with temperature in the mid 50's.  As usual on the Willow I fished shallow water from 2 feet out to 8 feet.  It was a slow start but at the second spot I caught one decent Pike next spot gave me a nice 27" Pike, next spot I missed a couple of bites that I am sure were Walleyes because of the way the minnows skin was peeled back then I hit a spot where I caught 2 small Pike in 3 casts, my last stop produced a nice 17" Walleye.  I considered this a good trip, all of the spots held fish and could have produced a lot more if I would have worked them instead of moving but that's what scouting is all about.

We fished with a mix of Dace and Fathead minnows on light jigs, there are not many emergent weeds yet so you can use regular jigs.  You can expect to see more green weeds starting to grow as the weather warms and we get more sun light, this will be where the fish will congregate.  Fishing will continue to improve as this happens so enjoy.   That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG      

4/22/16  Hi from the shores of "Kennedy Bay" on Lake Minocqua.  Dianna, Hooker and I moved into our new house last week on Kennedy Bay.  There has been some confusion about where Kennedy Bay is and where School House Bay is. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Sue Rossel (Kennedy) last week. She is Ray Kennedy's daughter. Ray was the famous guide that fished the Minocqua Chain for years.  I am sure some of you will remember the huge 50+ pound Musky that hung in Bosacki's for years, that fish was caught by Ray and remains one of the biggest ever caught on the chain.  Never one to miss a chance to take advantage of someones local knowledge, I asked Sue "where is Kennedy Bay".  The story starts over 100 years ago when her Great Grandfather built his home on Chicago Ave with a boat house on the bay.  The family remained in the residence for two generations until her grandfather, Jim Kennedy was hired by the state of Wi. as a caretaker for Kemp Station on Lake Tomahawk as a live on the grounds care taker.  The house was sold but the Kennedy's retained possession of the boat house and the bay continued to be known as "KENNEDY BAY". Young Ray grew up at Kemp Station where he learned where the fish were on Lake Tomahawk and Lake Minocqua. Tragedy hit Kemp Station when the caretaker that followed Jim Kennedy drowned, someone connected to Kemp Station suggested that they contact Ray Kennedy as caretaker so he followed his dad as caretaker at Kemp where he guided and raised Springer Spaniels, one of them"Lady" was my companion for 13 years. The Kennedy boat house remains, it is the green boat house next to the public landing on Chicago Ave. Sometime in the 1970s the town began calling the bay "School House Bay" as the building that now houses the Minocqua Town offices and Library was once the K thru 12 school for Minocqua. I am not sure what the reason was to change the name, I would have kept the name honoring one of our founding families and a National Fresh Water Fishing Hall Of Fame Guide Ray Kennedy.  So that's how the confusion between Kennedy Bay" and School House Bay" came about.  For now it is the bay with two names unless you are my friend and fishing companion Brian Manning from Naperville IL. who insists it should be called "Dog Fish Bay" due to the number of Dog Fish he and his buddy Tim have caught there.

It has been an early spring in the Lakeland area all lakes have been open for a week or more.  Both the Willow and Rainbow Flowages are full so anglers will have plenty of choices of where to fish.  The Walleyes will have spawned and off the spawning areas moving to emerging weeds and warm water areas, to recover don't over look wood that will offer cover. Remember that these fish have just spawned along with the cold water temperatures they will be sluggish "fish slowly".  My choice will be Fat Head minnows on 1/16 oz. jigs.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.  DAVE LANG 

10/20/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Another year is in the books, last Thursday was my last day on the water, I had the pleasure of fishing with John Schorse and Andrew Harris.  We had a nice morning picking up 5 nice eater Walleyes and 4 Pike that we kept.  The secret was to stay deep, the Walleyes were in 30 feet, we used large fat heads on 1/4 oz. jigs. These fish were scattered on a number of humps so we had to keep moveing picking up one here and one there.  We also missed a number of fish.  If you are thinking of heading up for some Walleyes fish deep, I talked to a friend last night that struck out on his normal spots on Lake Tomahawk but stumbled into some Walleyes in 50 feet of water.  Pike came out of the weeds 9 feet deep and these were caught on 1/16 oz jigs with red tail chubs.

Even though this is the nicest time of the year in the Lakeland Area my next stop at the bait shop will be for shrimp. Dianna, Hooker the fishin dog, and I will be looking at Minocqua in the rear view mirror this morning as we head to Cape Coral. We will be back for the Holidays and to get the remodel started on the new house then leave again end of January.  We will make one more trip back to check on construction then back to Florida for March and return home first part of April to get ready for next year.  I will try to post a few reports on Florida fishing.  My son David and grandson Lawson be joining me fishing for a week it is always a fun time Lawson loves to fish.  That's it for now folks, good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG.  

10/11/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  I had dinner at my son Jeff's last night and naturally the main topic was fishing, centering around turn over.  As a lot of you know he is a Musky fanatic, I don't know where I went wrong, and keeps a log of fish and water temps with an emphasis on the thermo cline.  He is on a 3 lake chain, the lake he is on has a maximum depth of 65 feet.  The thermo cline was at 24 feet all summer this is 6 feet deeper than it has been for the last 3 years that he has been keeping accurate records.  He takes temperature readings with an electric thermometer at 2 foot increments.  The top 4-6 feet varies with the sun then down to the thermo cline temps held in the 70s until he took readings this weekend.  The lake had turned and temps are 57 from the surface down to 45 feet where they start to drop.  This temperature change was gradual so it only effected the thermo clime and wasn't so fast and drastic that entire water column turned sending crud from the bottom to the surface, we may see that later this fall but I doubt it.  As I always say I am not a fishery biologist just an old guy that that likes catching fish but I think that is a pretty good explanation of turn over.  If you want to start an argument in a group of fisherman there is no better topic than turn over, what it is or if it has happened.

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of chasing Muskies with the pizza kings Jim Naumczik and Ken Selucky, we hit two lakes throwing everything we had with an emphasis on bucktails and Bulldawgs with no success.  We were about done at 3:00 in the afternoon when our sucker pulled a little line stopped then took some more. I could feel that there was something on and thought yes this will save the day.  All of a sudden there was nothing on the line, no movement, no weight, just empty, I slowly brought it to the boat and there was nothing there, the entire sucker was gone.  I have never seen that happen fishing with a quick strike rig, I have missed fish that hit and brought in a chewed sucker, I have had hits that took the sucker, I have had fish on that got off that took the sucker but never lost a sucker where I didn't have the fish on, I continue to learn.  By the way any of you in the Chicago area I recommend Nancy's Pizza the guys brought me my first Nancy's Pizza it was "FANTASTIC".

Friday I fished with Jim Waclawik from TN. and his fiend Mike from TX. Jim has a cabin on my most productive Walleye lake this fall so he wanted to go elsewhere.  We spent 1 1/2 on a lake that usually produces for me this time of the year, we fished mud flats and rock piles with no fish.  We pulled the boat and headed to another lake where we managed 5 Pike and 4 Bass not a great morning but we had a beautiful KICKER 36" Pike that weighted in at 19 pounds.  It was the second biggest Pike I have had in my boat in the Lakeland Area.

I have one day booked next week then I will be done for the year.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG


9/26/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Actually for the first time in 24 years I am not on the shore of Lake Minocqua.  Dianna, Hooker, and I moved into a rental for the next 8 months, I went from looking out the window at Lake Minocqua to looking out the window at Rollie and Helen's Musky Shop.  If everything goes according to plans with the remodel we will be back on the shores of Lake Minocqua before next years opener.

Even though the temperatures have been almost summer like the Walleyes have moved into their fall pattern. Last week Thursday I had the pleasure of fishing with Bill Harper and John Bognar from Indiana.  The guys didn't get into Minocqua until late Wednesday night so we met at the boat landing at 9:00 that morning, we had some rain but it looked like we would get our 4 hours in before the storms moved in.  The weatherman was a little off and after an hour and a half we had our first flash of lightning in the distance and 15 minutes later the lightning was too close so we headed to the landing. Although our morning was cut short the guys had 4 Walleyes 2 over 14 and 2 under, I am sure that if we would have been able to fish the entire morning we would have had our 9 fish limit.

Monday I was on the water with Bob Gabert and John Junck from Milwaukee.  We targeted Walleyes for the first few hours catching their 6 fish limit, then went after some Pike.  At the end of the morning we had 6 Walleyes and 3 Pike a great morning.  Our plans were to repeat our trip Tuesday morning but at 5:30 Tuesday morning when I was pulling out of my driveway I heard a strange clunk.  On further inspection with a flashlight to my horror I found the back axle of the trailer had come loose and was at a 45 degree angle with the tire lodged between the motors.  It was the first trip I have ever had to cancel due to equipment failure, I felt terrible.

I was back on the water Thursday with Norm Mc Dougall and Corey Shaw from Wheaton IL. once again we were after Walleyes.  The guys put together a nice limit with one of the over 14 inch fish a dandy 22 inch Walleye.

The Walleyes that we caught were on rock humps coming out of 30 feet topping out at 17 feet.  The unusual thing was that each day we caught some fish right on top in 17 feet and some as deep as 27 feet with fish scattered in between, normally I expect them to be concentrated at one depth.  We were using 1/4 oz. jigs tipped with large Fathead minnows. Jig color didn't seem to make a difference we caught fish on orange, firetiger, and yellow orange combo.  I have not fished any of my deep water, mud bottom spots but I am sure you will find Walleyes there.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.  DAVE LANG

9/13/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Fall has made it to the Lakeland Area, a few trees are starting to turn and the ferns on the side of the road are brown.

As you can probably guess it has been a busy couple weeks. The week of Sept. 1st I fished a great group from the Milwaukee area, Monday it was John Meltzer, Deb Kravit, and Bill Heilbronner we stayed on the Minocqua Chain and caught a nice bunch of Bass.  Wednesday it was supposed to be Deb and I, we headed out to chase some Pike.  It was a foggy morning where visibility on the lake was limited to a couple hundred yards just a little breeze.  I baited Deb's rod started to bait mine when I thought I heard thunder, we weren't supposed to have any bad weather, with the fog I couldn't see the sky then it really got dark.  We headed to the landing with some lightning in the distance, I got the boat on the trailer just as the skies opened up.  After an hour wait and checking the radar we called it a day, after only 15 minutes fishing, we agreed to meet Thursday morning to try again. Thursday we fished two lakes only managing to catch 3 fish big enough to keep and a few short fish.  Friday it was John, Deb, and Marlene Schwartz, we headed had a great morning putting together a nice mixed bag including Marlene's first Walleye ever a nice 20 incher.  Everybody agreed it was a good week with the good days out weighing the tough ones.

Last week my friend and annual fisherman Brian Manning came up with his buddy Tim Mueller from the Chicago area. We had 4 days fishing planned so we started the week on Lake Minocqua.  The fish cooperated and we finished the day with Brian catching his first Smallmouth and Tim caught a nice 20 inch Walleye.  Thursday we decided to target Walleyes after an hour on our first lake with no bites we pulled the boat and headed to our second lake where we did manage a couple of small Walleyes and one Pike it was one of those days when you say "thats why they call it fishing not catching" .  The next day we targeted Pike and had a great day with Brian catching the fish of the day a dandy 4+ pound Walleye.  Saturday we were back on the Minocqua Chain, there was a Bass tournament going on so we had plenty of competition on our spots.  Fishing wasn't easy but at the end of the morning we had plenty of fish for our fish fry that we always do on our last day together.  The day was special not for the number of fish we caught but what they were, Tim caught his first Musky not big but his first, Brian caught a beautiful Bass 4+ pounds that any of those tournament fisherman would have died for,  but for Tim and I it was when we got to welcome Brian into the club when he caught the biggest Dogfish I have ever seen.

As has been the case all year there was no real pattern over these two weeks, one day great the next difficult.  Most of these fish were caught in weeds 4 to 14 feet deep using 1/16 oz jigs tipped with Blacktail chubs.  The Walleyes are starting to move into their fall pattern on deeper rock humps, we caught these using heavier jigs tipped with extra large fat heads.  We only targeted these fish one day but I will be targeting them this next week.  That's all for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.  DAVE LANG  

8/18/15  Hi from  the shores of Lake Minocqua.  What a difference in the last 14 days, in my last report I talked about brisk weather and fall just around the corner two days ago we were having the warmest temperatures of the summer with temperatures bumping 90.  Along with that I had numerous problems with the boat ending when I returned to the landing after a morning fishing on Lake Minocqua to have my truck not start.  It was quite a week,  Dianna and I left the next day on a trip to Souix Lookout Ontario with Jim and Judi Beller, Jim is a shareholder in a cabin on Lake Minitaki.  It has been about 15 years since I had fished up there and it was fun to meet some old friends and fish the area again.  As I have always said it is fishing for dummies more like catching. To make things even more interesting while I was fishing on a lake in Ontario I got a call on my cell telling me we had a offer on our house.  That meant that before dawn the next morning I left the island and headed to see my old friends at Anderson's Lodge to borrow their Wifi to e-sig the final offer. What a change since I first started going up there when I was out of touch until I crossed the boarder coming home.  I continue to be amazed by all the technology.  Lots of Walleyes were caught biggest was 24 inches lots of 14 inchers.

The last trip before I left was on Lake Minocqua with Pat Beggs his son Ryan and Nick Fitzgerald.  We put together a nice bag of Bass but  we really had to work to get them.  We hit more spots than fish caught, there just wasn't any concentration.

Last week Thursday I fished with Frank Criglar, Randy Coleman and Franks son Mike.  The guys just wanted to catch fish so we headed out to my favorite Pike lake but after 1 1/2 hours the action  just wasn't what I was looking for so I pulled the boat and went to lake number 2 where the action picked up including a dandy 19 inch Walleye and a nice 11 inch Perch to go with a bunch of Pike.

The next day I was fishing with Jon Sandman and his cousins Fred & Jane Hartwig from Missouri , we headed back out to the lake I finished up on the day before.  The Pike action continued to be good along with a couple of Bass and a nice Crappie. Around 10:00 with the sun was getting high with little or no wind and the fish got lock jaw.  It was a good morning but the pattern was the same as it has been during this hot period, bright sun and flat water meant and end to the action.  The weather is returning to normal and that should bring fish into their fall patterns in the near future. That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

8/4/15 Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  It is a brisk 55 degrees this morning and feels like the end of summer is near.  Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing with Ron Bradac and his two grandsons action was the game of the game so we headed out looking for Pike.  This was the second time Ron and I fished this summer but it was the boys first trip, the Pike cooperated and the boys had a great time.  The best part of the trip came a couple of days later when Ron called to tell me that the boys got some weed weasels and blacktail chubs and fished the lake he has a cottage on catching Bass that they could never catch before.  I keep telling people if you learn to fish that way you can catch fish anywhere.

On Monday I headed down to the Willow with Dave Assman and his Wife Lois.  The target was Walleyes.  We were faced with another of the High pressure fronts that have been driving me crazy all summer, mile high blue bird skies and flat water.  We covered a huge amount of water that's what happens when you don't get bites anywhere.  We ended up with everybody catching a couple of small Pike and I lost the only Walleye before I could get it to the net.  They were a great couple to be with I wish I could have provided them a better catch, thats why they call it fishing not catching.

Thursday I fished Lake Minocqua with Andrew Keith and his dad Jack from Kentucky.  They were staying on Minocqua so I picked them up at the dock, we caught a nice bunch of Bass finishing up the morning catching a dandy 4 pound plus Largemouth 200 yards from their dock.

Saturday was a trip with the Charlie Langhoff, Mike Mc Kersie, and Phil Arts they are all related to Dianna through her ex-husband but have adopted me.  We started off looking for Walleyes but only managed some short fish, one little Pike, and a Smallmouth.  We headed out two a second lake and had some good Pike action for everybody but Phil, it was his day not to catch fish "next time Phil".

Yesterday I fished with Sam Mansfield and his dad Troy, they are from Appleton and have been staying in the Lakeland area for 16 years.  The trip was a gift from Sam's wife with the idea of catching the guys their first Walleyes up north in years.  Although it was a little cool with some cloud cover and a slight chop,other than the cold front it was perfect.  We caught 10 plus Walleyes but not a one over 15 inches along with one Pike and a Smallmouth.  )n our second lake we caught 7 Pike the largest 25 inches, a couple of Largemouth that were under 14 inches and one nice crappie giving the guys a nice mixed bag and plenty of fillets to feed their family.

I had a great Sunday morning when Van Jolin took me and my son Jeff out to do a little Musky hunting.  We met in Manitowish Waters at 7:30 by then we had only thunder storm pass west and south of us before we even left for the lake.  The lake was gin clear with no weed cover,  it was like fishing some of the Canadian lakes where the only places that hold fish are sharp drops and rock humps.  We had thunder storms going around us all morning, to quote my son Jeff "Musky Music".  It is strange to fish in the midle of the lake in 35 feet of water around humps coming up to 20 feet throwing bucktail that only run a couple of feet deep.  Jeff is the best Musky fisherman that I know," that's not bragin" I don't  know where I went wrong.  So it didn't surprise me when he connected with a nice 40 incher.  It was a great day and a good learning experience for me.

I have continued to catch fish through out the but it was difficult, as usual I blame the weather for a lot of it.  As you can tell the only day I didn't fish more than one lake was when I stayed on Minocqua.  These fish have come from weeds, some as shallow as 5 feet with some of the Walleyes and Smallmouth as deep as 15 feet.  Even the deep water fish have been relating to weed growth some of it is just short sand grass.  

Tomorrow I will be fishing Lake Minocqua with Pat Beggs and her family.  Thursday I am taking a buss drivers holiday and heading to Souix Lookout Ont. with Jim Beller, his wife Judi,and Dianna.  Jim owns a cabin on Lake Minitaci, I haven't been up there in 15-20 years so I am looking forward to a long weekend up there.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG 

7/25/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  It has been a busy week and a half up here.  The weather has gotten in to a summer pattern with hot afternoons and scattered thunder storms, water temps are in the low to mid 70s.  Even with these temps the fish continue to bite very lightly, we put 13 Pike in the boat yesterday and I never used the jaw spreader, and at least half these fish fell off the jig when they were in the net.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Bill Wahl his son Aaron, and son-in-law Chad, the guys were from Palm Beach and Jupiter area of FL. and had never been here before.  We had what I considered beautiful summer mornings but it brought out the hoodies for these guys and the comment that it was like winter fishing in FL. which it was.  We hit the Willow Tuesday with blue bird skys and a slight breeze that grew to 20 + mph the chop then the waves helped us and we put together a nice mixed bag of Pike, Bass and Walleye.  Chad caught a dandy 30+ inch dog fish, you know that makes my day later in the morning he caught a second one.  These fish are so strong they test the metal of everyone that hooks one, Chad got this one in and while getting set to take a picture it gave a wild jirk yanking the gripper out of Chads hand and flipped out of the boat so if any of you catch a big Dog with a gripper attached to it's lower jaw it's mine.
The guys really enjoyed the Minocqua area and were heading to the Dells next, I warned them it would be culture shock even though the Willow water helps make up the Dells it is a different world.

Thursday I fished with Todd Brandenburg his dad and Aunt, Todd is from Pipe, you Winnebago guys will know where that is the rest of you go to Google Earth.  We started out on a small 200 acre lake that had been producing some nice Walleyes but only managed to catch one small Walleye one nice Smallmouth and the first Pike I had ever caught in that lake.  We switched lakes after an hour and a half, it was a tough morning with mile high blue skys typical cold front high even though the temp was warm.  We did catch a couple more Walleyes, Smallmouth, and Pike.  They ended up with a nice mixed bag and planned to have fried fish with eggs the next morning for breakfast.  I have been stuck in that terrible rut of catching 14 inch Walleyes on 15 inch lakes and 17 inch Walleyes on 18 inch lakes.

Yesterday I got together with the Heroux brothers, their sons and son-in-law.  These are my catch em and keep em guys that are always putting on a family fish fry for an extended group, between the three boats we put together a nice bunch of Pike(their fish of choice) Bass and Crappie.  We all started out on the same lake in the morning and when the Pike bite slowed we pulled our boats and spread out to the Minocqua Chain and the Rainbow Flowage catching fish on both.

One of the FL. guys asked me how many lakes I fish. It made me take a bit of an inventory of the lakes I have been on this season and surprised my self when I came up with 20 + lakes so far this year and when looking at the Willow it is like fishing three lakes.  This is truly a great area for a fisherman to live or visit when you consider the variety of lakes from the Minocqua Chain that is lined with houses and covered with ski boats, wave runners, and pontoons to the Willow Flowage that is pure wilderness with no development, in the last week I have had good fishing on both.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG.  

7/12/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Summer has arrived in Minocqua, and as I always say "fishing guides are just like farmers we are never satisfied with the weather." My son and grandson came up to do a little fishing so we headed out to the Willow on Thursday.  We had just a beautiful summer day with bright sun and no wind, the worst conditions you can have for fishing the Willow.  We fished hard and only boated one Pike luckily it was landed by my grandson Lawson.  The best part of the trip was being able to take advantage of one of the many campsites to cook our hot dogs over a camp fire.

Friday our plan was to fish the Minocqua Chain and have a shore lunch at the end of the day.  Through the eyes of a seven year old the chain is an endless source of Bass and Pike action.  We had a nice day even though the action was slower than usual, and we were forced to go through the channel into Lake Tomahawk to catch enough fish for our shore lunch so the trip was a success.

Saturday we connected up with my other son Jeff and headed out on the reservation to fish a lake I had never been on before.  This was a lake that Jeff had fished on the opener and picked up a couple nice Walleyes.  The trip had a couple of objectives first was to see if I could even get my boat in and out of the landing, we had two trucks and a tow strap because the landing is not improved and requires backing the truck into the water in order to get the boat off the trailer. Even though the landing is all sand I got in and out with no problems.  The lake is under 300 acres with dark water and relatively shallow some structure and some areas of weeds although the weeds are pond weeds and a sparse coontail. On our first spot we boated 3 nice Smallmouth between 17-19 inches before leaving that spot to explore.  The next two areas looked good but failed to produce.  We then found a nice bar extending off a point, there were some less than good looking weeds at the 12 foot edge, on a lake like this any weed is good weed.  There were some Walleyes holding in this area, we missed two and Jeff landed a beautiful 19 incher.   There are few Pike but a fair number of Muskies in this lake so when Jeff had a nice pickup that ran with the minnow but bit off when he set the hook we assumed that it was a Musky.  My evaluation was good and I will definitely be adding this lake to list of lakes to fish.

The summer weather which has been great for the swimmers and water skiers has been hard on us fisherman.  Talking to a couple of hard core Musky fisherman the best report was one follow no hits since we have been under this strong high pressure.  That's all for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

7/7/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Once again time has flown by since my report.  The biggest news is that as of July 1st trolling is legal on our area lakes.  As always when it comes to the DNR nothing is easy, be sure to check the regulations for the particular lake you are going to fish. Most of the lakes in this area will allow trolling with a max of two rods per boat no matter how many anglers are in the boat.  This change will help us when fishing Muskies, it will allow the dragging of a sucker behind the boat while we cast. I wish that the number of rods per boat would have been limited to one only, my wife says I always want things my way we all know that's just not so.  The lakes that I have been on since the change are not ones that I would expect to see much trolling. I expect that the lakes that are known to produce trophy fish will be the hardest hit, look for some BIG Musky and Walleyes to be caught.

Fishing has been good for the most part with Pike and Bass making up the majority of our catches.  Walleyes had been biting well but most were under the 18 inch minimum, Friday the 26th Dick and Ann Raup had a nice morning releasing a number of Walleyes and keeping one 20 incher and 3 Pike so they could have a fish fry that night and take a meal home.

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of making my annual trip with the Nugent group from the Milwaukee area.  We headed out to the lake that had been producing Walleyes, after an hour and a half we only had 1 Pike, so I pulled the boat to head for another lake.  We did get into some of nice Pike and ended the day on a positive note.  The day was tough all over, when I pulled out of lake number one I recognized fellow guide Kenny Breezer's truck at the landing I knew he was on his second lake because he starts early and didn't get there until after I did.  When I pulled out of the second lake Kenny's truck was parked next to mine so I know that was his 3rd lake, that's when you know it's a tough day.  
Since then Pike action has been consistent with some nice Bass mixed in but I have not been back where the Walleyes were active.  I went down on the Willow with my son on the 29th and caught 6 Walleyes in about 2 hours, two of these were over the 15 inch minimum.  The water had dropped some but the flowage was still full, this was the best action I had on the flowage this year.  These fish were all in shallow weeds.  The unusual thing was that we didn't catch any Pike or Bass.

The 5th I was booked to fish out of the Casino on the Flambeau Chain with a wedding party from 3 in the afternoon until 8.  There were 4 guide boats that met at the Casino docks and left from there I was lucky enough to fish with the groom, Jason is a good Bass angler having fished as a co-angler on the FLW Bass circuit he shared some interesting info on some of the big name pros (some good some not so much).  We had a nice time catching a couple of Pike in the high 20 inch class along with a lot of Bass up to 17 inches. Although I never fish two trips in one day when the Heroux brothers called and said they would be in Minocqua and would like to fish the morning of the 5 th I couldn't say no.  These guys love to catch Pike it was it wasn't easy to convince them that we should give up on their favorite Pike lake in favor of where I had been catching fish.  We started out like a house on fire boxing 3 nice Pike in the  first hour and releasing some that made Tom say I was pretty sure of myself which I was. After that  the action slowed but they finished the day with some nice Pike and one Bass.  When I got home at 9:00 that night I knew I am getting too old for those two a day trips but it was quite a day boating over 40 fish in the 9 hours on the water, releasing all but 10 that went home for a couple of good fish fries.  Proving that the Lake Land Area still gives us some really good fishing opportunities. 

Those of you that know me know that all of these fish were caught in weeds growing in 5 to 12 feet of water using 1/16 oz jigs tipped with Blacktail chubs.  With the longer days providing more sun light the weed beds are extending out to deeper water, they will max out at the 15 foot depth in all but a few of the area lakes.  I am still catching some fish as shallow as 5 feet but in a lot of this shallow water the weeds are so thick landing fish is difficult so I will continue to work the deeper edges.  The bite continues to be light but some fish are beginning to be more argesive, the majority of the fish that I have cleaned have been feeding well witch is a good sign.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

6/24/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  I recieved an email yesterday reminding me that I hadn't posted a report since the 13th I apologize.  I have been on the water everyday, and fishing has been good, pictures will be posted soon.

I spent a couple of days last week fishing with Bob and Deb Flanagan.  Day one we went west out of town in search of Pike, we had a good day catching a mixed bag of Pike and Bass no Walleyes.  Their second day we fished the Minocqua Chain, boating some nice Bass and Bob caught his fish of the week a dandy Pike in the high 20 inch class.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Steve Rotter and his son Josiah(age 7).  We headed west to my favorite Pike lake we had a great morning catching Pike Bass and Josiah caught his first Walleye.

Paul Tishim and his friend came up and we went back out to the same lake that I fished the day before.  Once again we caught between 15 and 20 Walleyes.  This is on one of the few lakes up here that still has an 18 inch size limit, so we are returning the majority of these fish.  

I spent the next three days on the same lake fishing with Doug Jones and his group.  Two of these guys fish the  TEAM EXTREME ice fishing circuit and it was fun to here their tales of fishing that circuit.  At the end of the morning they had enough Pike and Bass for a fish fry but no legal Walleyes.

Gerry Nugent and his group fished with me next, they stay on Minocqua so we normally fish the chain.  This year when they heard about Walleye bite we decided to try that.  We had a good morning in spite of wind and rain catching close to 20 Walleyes a few nice pike in the high 20 inch class and a couple Bass.

Yesterday was Jim Tepp and his daughter Krystal we headed back out on the reservation, action was slow for Jim and I but Krystal really showed us up.  In the first couple hours all Jim and I could do was miss a couple fish.  In this time Krystal caught a Pike, a Smallmouth, and one Walleye after another.
At the end of the day Jim caught a few Walleyes but I only caught i small Pike, Krystal on the other hand boated about a dozen fish.  Today we are heading out on the chain, hopefully I will look better.

In all the fishing has been good but the fish are still hitting lightly.  I think this is due to our weather pattern of one front after another we need some stable weather.  The biggest surprise this year has been my Pike lake turning into a Walleye hot spot.  It has always produced Walleyes but for the last 10 years I would catch Pike 10 to 1 this year the ratio is almost reversed.  I heard a rumor that the Flambeau Fishery guys are working to change the Pike population by neting right now just a rumor.  All these fish are shallow in weeds so a 1/16 oz jig and blacktail chubs have been my bait of choice.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

6/13/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Fishing has picked up around the area, and I have been busy.  The week was accented by my big motor giving me problems when it wouldn't turn over at the end of the day Thursday and Friday, the kicker saved the day both times.  The ironic thing was that it would start after the little motor ran for a while, after checking out all the obvious connections and had the battery checked out at O'Reilly Auto(they said it was fine) I called my boat guru  Brian and he said "battery" so I install a new battery and it has solved the problem.  A hint to any of you that might experience the same symptoms according to Brian Marine batteries are a different breed than car batteries so when an auto store checks them out good they still may be the problem.  Last Thursday night was the second annual Walleyes For Tomorrow banquet.  It was well attended with 230 present and close to another 100 tickets sold that were no shows, so they should have raised $60,000+ for improving Walleye fishing in this area.  GREAT JOB GUYS. 

Last Thursday Tom and Mike Heroux came up from the Neenah Oshkosh area for their first trip of the year.  We headed west to my favorite Pike lake where we spent 8 hours fighting the wind but catching fish.  The guys target Pike but that bite was slow, we caught more Walleyes than Pike.  At the end of the day they put together the nicest mixed bag that I have had this year, 4 Walleyes 18"-23", 5 Bass 15"-18" and 3 Pike and released 10+ Walleyes 16-17 1/2 inch range.   
Last week Friday I fished with Hank Rein, his daughter Cathy, and granddaughter Andrea.  We spent the morning chasing Pike the morning started off tough with fish hitting so light we must have missed 9 of the first 10 bites. At the end of the morning they had 14 Pike from 19 to 23 inches and released a lot of smaller fish.

After a few days off Monday found me back on the water with Bob Garbutt and his brothers Dick and Tim they were here for 3 days fishing traveling from Milwaukee,Texas, and Oregon. Monday we had a good day catching Pike and Bass, Tuesday we headed off to a different lake where Bob put a beautiful Pike in the boat on his first cast followed by a second fish within 5 minutes and then a Walleye followed that. I was smiling and thinking this is one of  the days I dream of, easy fishing and looking like a hero, that's when Bob who was fishing in the back of the boat said "Dave I'm standing in water" from hero to zero just because of the boat plug.  I wasn't going to leave the fish so I ran the bilge pump for the next hour,when the fished slowed we went back to the landing pulled the boat put the plug in and returned to the water.  "NO BODYS PERFECT"
When we got to the landing the next morning there was a resounding chorus of "did you put the plug in".  The fishing was tougher that morning and we ended up fishing 2 lakes once again putting together a nice mixed bag but they had to work for them.

Yesterday Bob Stanko of Burr Ridge IL. and I headed down to the Willow.  ob owns a place up here and wanted to learn the Willow.  We have had a wet month or so and the water is up at least a foot since I was down there last putting it over the full level.  It was the toughest fishing I've had in the last couple weeks, I think it is a combination of rising water and may flies.  After 5+ hours we had 4 short Walleyes, a couple Pike and 1 dandy Smallmouth 18".  Not what I had hoped for but it gave Bob a good look at the Willow so he has a starting point for going down there on his own. All fish were caught using 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with redtail chubs fish very slowly in 6-10 feet of water, green weeds being the key.  Fish are hitting very lightly and schooled together in small areas so moving is key till you find them then sit on that area.  Friday was a good example when we put together a nice bag but when I talked to one of the other guys I fish with he had fished all around us not close but in the same bay with very poor results. That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG


5/30/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  The weather continues to be a challenge, Monday I fished with Pete & Pat Sirotkin in rain gear all morning. They were staying on Minocqua so they wanted to learn some spots and techniques for the rest of the week.  The water temp was still in the high 50s and the fish bit accordingly making us miss a lot more hits than we got a hook into.  Following the pattern so far this year we caught some nice Bass but no Pike.  Pat caught one of the recently planted extended growth Walleyes, this has been pretty common and a good sign.  I think that with the approach that is being taken on the Minocqua Chain it will be one of the best Walleye fisheries in the area in 3-4 years.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Bob Weir his son Neal and son in law Jeremy the guys were up for a couple of days fishing from the Chicago area.  We had a good day on the Willow last year so that's  where we headed Wednesday morning.  Once again water temps hadn't warmed up and the weed growth hadn't started.  We started around some fairly deep water with wood, we missed a few bites, landed one small Pike.  Next was shallow water with grass same result we did get some fish but not the action I was looking for.  After fishing 8 different spots I had to return to one 150 yard stretch that was the only place we caught fish including 1 nice Walleye and 3 Pike.  Oh yes Neal, Bob caught a "DANDY"
 19 inch Smallmouth, it's bad when my clients are telling me how I am going to describe their fish ( I need a new writer).

Thursday we headed out west to my favorite Pike lake in LDF.
After 1 1/2 hours we only had 2 nice Pike and 2 Walleyes that that were under the 18 inch minimum.  We pulled the boat and headed to lake number 2.  This produced the best action that I had all week.  The guys ended the day with 14 nice Pike enabling them to return home with 8 packages of fish to enjoy.  

All fish were caught on 1/16 oz. weedless jigs tipped with Redtail and Blacktail chubs.  Most fish were in 6-9 feet of water.  The best action came where the weeds were really green, I think this will be the secret on the Willow when the weeds start to green up.  Tom Howatt went north after they fished with me last week he sent me a picture of some dandy Blue Gills they caught so it is that time.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

5/23/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  What a week, I had the pleasure of fishing with Vern Nelson and his sons John & Noah from the Chicago area.  The weather couldn't have been worse, the where staying on the Chain so that was what the wanted to learn.  Monday was wind to 30 mph, Tuesday wind droped to 20 but snow showers made up for it.  We did catch fish each day with two dandy 28" Pike numerous Bass and John caught and released a dandy 20" Walleye on Minocqua.  Wednesday we got a break in the weather over night temp in Minocqua was 23 degrees.  We moved our start time to 9 that morning and agreed to hit a couple different lakes. Fishing was tough but at the end of the day the guys had 3 Walleyes and 6 Pike that they kept and released numerous smaller ones.

Yesterday I fished with Tom Howatt, his wife Mary, and brother Terry.  We went out to the Rainbow, these where the people that fished with me on the Rainbow the same day last year and they caught over 50 Walleyes in 3 1/2 hours.  Well they have now seen the Rainbow at it's best and it's worst. After 4 hours all we had to show was 3 Pike they kept and quite a few small ones they released along with 2 large Perch, no Walleyes.

Our weather pattern has really slowed the bite, every couple of days we have had fronts move through with cold nights and winds really blowing out of the north.  As usual these fish have been caught using 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with minnows, Xlarge fatheads when Walleyes were the target and Black tails for Pike and Bass.  Not a lot off change in weed growth because of our weather.  We are inline for better weather and that should help the fishing.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG

5/13/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Saturday was the annial "Tadpole Memorial"  due to Mother's day and a wedding our group was down to 6 boats 12 anglers.  Tradition keeps us on the Minocqua Chain so for the first time we didn't have a trophy for largest Walleye, we were awarding plaquces for largest Pike, Bass, and Heaveiest bag.  Each boat was limited to 5 fish.  Lake Minocqua lived up to it's reputation as a great Bass fishery producing the majority of fish.  A couple of us spent some time on Kawagesaga but the bite was best on Minocqua.  Fish were caught with a jig tipped with Fathead Minnows in shallow water weeds 9 feet max unless someone was keeping a secret.  

Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with Ken Selucky and Jim Naumczik our original plan was to fish Tuesday but after looking at the weather and the prediction of a 20 degree drop in temperature we switched to Monday. Although as anglers we can dress for the weather I have never seen the fish that didn't slow down when faced with such a drestic weather change.  We started out on a small dark water lake that produced Walleyes on the opener, water temp was 60 degrees.  The morning had cooled down some and we had light showers put the wind was also light, we found Walleyes on shallow rock humps.  We used 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with Fathead minnows, the fish hit extremely light and we missed way more than we hooked.

After a few hours we left for our second lake that is my favorite Pike lake, water temp was in the mid 50s and green weed growth was almost nonexistent, but what there was held the fish.  Action was slow and it was probably to early in the season for this lake.

The fish seemed to be effected by the change in weather but by the end of the day we had 4 Walleyes, 2 Pike, 2 Perch, 1 Crappie, and 1 Smallmouth, not a great day but a good catch all things considered.  Ken caught the fish of the day a dandy 22 1/2 inch Walleye, she was just coming back into the weeds after laying in deep water for a couple weeks after spawning, this fish was unbelievably skinny when I cleaned it the gut was totally empty the emptiest I have ever seen that had to be the first minnow she ate in weeks.  This fish was caught on a lake that doesnot have a slot from 20 to 24 inches.  Be sure to check at the landing for current regulations about slot restrictions and remember that when measuring fish you must PINCH THE TAIL.  With the weather warming the weeds should begin to green up and this will increase the bite, fish will hit the shallow weeds and put on the feeding bag.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

5/4/15 Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  What a difference a year makes, everyone in the group said it was the best opening weekend we've had in recent memory.  The weather was fantastic, and the fish cooperated.  It really was fun to have the young guns ( 6 to 16) with us it reminded me that it isn't just the fish that make the weekend.

Our group consisted of 7 guys and 5 sons, we had 4 boats 3 anglers to a boat.  As I said last week the plan was to hit 2 shallow dark water lakes west of Minocqua.  My son changed his mind and went his own way the plan was to meet at noon for lunch.  Jeff fished two lakes one mid sized clear looking for Crappies with no success then moved to a large deep lake with no success there either.  Boats 2 & 3 hit the smaller of the planned lakes with the darkest water,  by noon they had 1 Crappie and 5 Walleyes that they kept.  We went to a lake with a large shallow bay with weeds most dead but there were some green cabbage weeds and these seemed to be the key. Walleyes were hard to fine and we only had one 16 incher, but the Pike provided plenty of action.  According to my grandson Lawson by noon we had caught 19 Pike keeping 6 to go with our 1 Walleye, pike were 19-23 inches.  Both of these lakes are size exempt so the Walleyes were eaters with only 5 over the 14 inch max. 

After lunch 2 of us returned to the same lakes we fished in the morning.  Our luck was the same with Pike producing all of our action keeping 3 above 20 inches and releasing about 10. The other boat went back to the dark water and picked up another 4 Walleyes that they kept and released a few.  My son Jeff struck off to a new lake on the reservation that he had heard about, with the new 15 inch minimum limit it had some possibilities.  It proved to be a wise choice as they caught 3 nice Walleyes 16-19 inches and about a dozen that didn't make the 15 inch minimum. Boat number 4 went to the Minocqua Chain looking for Crappies, they caught 4 along with some nice Gills.

Sunday our group dropped by 2 boats due to boys having to get back for soccer etc. I headed to the lake that produced the most Walleyes the day before.  We caught 6 keepers none over 14 and released a few short fish and called it a day after 3 hours.  The other 2 boats went back where Jeff had the nice Walleyes Saturday, after 4 hours they only had one 17 incher between them, they then pulled the boats and went looking for Crappies picking up a 1/2 dozen small to medium size, and a few nice Bass up to 17 inches.

All but a few of these fish were caught on jig and minnow combinations a few on beetle spins.  Light jigs 1/32 or 1/16 oz weedless helps but the 1/32 worked well without weed guards.  We used fatheads, redtails, and mud minnows with equal results these were all in the 3 inch range.  The one important thing was that all of the Walleyes were in 9-10 feet of water except the one I caught in 6 feet, I would expect these fish to move shallower as we get more green weeds.  

It was a great weekend, I told all the boys the only thing I could guarantee was that they will never get a better opener. My grandson Lawson's words of wisdom were "I like Pike fishing best cause they bite more and they're bigger". That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember

4/26/15  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Seven days and counting to another year of great fishing in the Minocqua area.  Boy what a difference a year makes, no ice this year the lakes have been open for a couple of weeks and fish are done spawning.  Dianna and I are in the early stages of putting our house on the market so I have not been out on the water. The reports that I've gotten are fair for Crappies with water temps in the 50's.  One report from down on the Willow was slow fishing with enough water to get around but nothing like last year.

Rule changes will be the big story this year, as I reported earlier the Minocqua Chain will be catch and release for Walleyes for the next few of years at least.  All lakes in the ceeded territory will have a 3 Walleye bag limit.  Lakes that had a 15" minimum on Walleyes last year will also have a 20"-24" slot that must be returned, and only 1 Walleye over the slot maybe harvested.  This will be posted at the landings.  I have heard that the lakes on the reservation will change from an 18" minimum to a 15" minimum with the 20"-24" slot for Walleyes, except Little Trout will remain 18". This is hear say, I have not seen an offical announcement.

With the change in the Minocqua regulations the Lang boys will be forced to trailer to different lakes in search of Walleyes on the opener.  Our target will be shallow, dark water lakes that are size exempt.  My grandson Lawson age six will be coming up with his dad for his first opener. A great time for me with 3 generations hitting the water together.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD DAVE LANG

2/21/15  Hi from the shores of the Caloosahachee River.  The fishing here is pretty much on the normal level but a lot of winds in the 20-30 mph range that really limit what can be fished.We just went through a real cold snap (yesterday morning's temp was 40 here on the river) that will set the bite way back even worse than up north.

The reason for this report is really about what is happening up north.  The big news is that the tribes and the DNR have come to an agreement to suspend the harvest of Walleyes on the Minocqua Chain for a test period of 3-5 years(possibly longer) to try to get the Walleye populations back to normal levels.  The chain will also receive heavy stocking of extended growth fingerlings.  This is good news because the chain has been over harvested to the point that there are few if any catchable Walleyes left. The success of this plan in my view will be how the fisheries is managed after the goal is met.  It is good to see some cooperation from the tribes about spearing hopefully it will lead to further evaluations of the effects spearing has on our fishery.

Looking forward to the 2015 season, the Lakeland area has been getting snow so we should have good water levels again this year.  Thanks to all of you for booking dates, as usual June looks like a busy month.  Thats it for now folks good luck fishing and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD


10/18/14  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  I heard the "FAT LADY" sing as I dropped John Schorse off at The Beacons yesterday at noon, that was the last trip I had in the book for this year.  John and I had fished for Walleyes that morning. On the first hump we fished John had a fish and I missed one within minutes.  We continued with good action that led me to think we would have our 4 fish limit in an hour, a lot of the Walleyes were on the small side that we released hoping to catch larger fish.  I moved to another hump looking for bigger fish, this proved to be the way the morning went.  We got a brake from the wind that was forecast it was light with only a few gusts up to 10mph, but fished in rain most of the morning.  After 4 hours we had 4 eater Walleyes for John to take home and released a lot of small fish.  When we were checked by the creel census guy at the landing he said we had the only Walleyes he measured that morning which surprised me there were at least six other boats on the lake.

Thursday we fished the Willow in spite of fog that was so thick when we left the landing you couldn't see more than a city block.  The trip would have been impossible with out the GPS and depth finder, we traveled slow and worked our way about 3-4 miles to where I wanted to fish.  I know John was relieved when half way out I said there would be an island on our right soon and after a minute  or so it appeared out of the fog, thank God for GPS.  We were looking for Walleyes and Pike, and picked up a Pike right away but the acton was very slow. We never felt a bite, you had to work very slowly and even the Pike would just glom on and feel like a weed, then we would wait to feel life or see the line move before setting the hook.  We missed a lot of fish, I landed one small Pike that never got the hook in his mouth, he just had the minnow in his mouth and wasn't smart enough to let go when I netted him.  The fog really hung in until almost noon.  We ended our morning keeping 3 nice Pike and releasing a number of smaller fish.  We didn't catch any Walleyes but missed a few that I am sure were Walleyes the way the minnows skin was just rolled back, no surprise considering how the Pike were bitting.  

Dianna and I along with Hooker the fishin dog are planning a early trip to FL. leaving Minocqua the 2nd of November and returning for Christmas, so my next report will be from the sunny FL.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD  DAVE LANG

10/13/14  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  It was a short week for me with only two days on the water.  Typical of October weather the days were total opposites.  Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Hank Rein of Mosinee and his granddaughter Andy.  We have fished together over the last years usually chasing Pike.  We headed out to my favorite Pike lake knowing the weather was a big problem.  We were able to fish some of my most productive spots in spite of waves that occasionally broke into white caps.  After an hour and a half of fighting the wind and being forced to wear gloves to try and keep warm we only had 1 Walleye and no Pike we pulled the boat. I headed to Lake Minocqua because it always offers some bays to hide from the wind.  Even though the weather certainly had the fish turned off we managed to catch 5 nice Bass, these fish were all caught in one area less than an acer in size.  The other spots that we hit never produced a bite, at least half of my best spots were unfishable.  Fish were all caught using 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with black tail chubs.  As always weather trumps all and it was really too bad that Hank and Andy hit the only really bad day we had all week.

Saturday I was back on Little Saint Germain with Randy Yockey and his brother Chris.  Our target for the morning was a Musky.  We had a beautiful fall morning.  We started our morning working the shallower east end of the lake. We hit a couple of areas with rock humps but spent the majority of our time fishing weeds in 4-8 feet of water.  After a couple of hours we headed to the west end of the lake with deeper water we fished some sharp drop offs with rock and some deep weed edges that dropped to 20 feet.  We threw CowGirls, Bulldogs, bucktails, jerk baits, and cranks but never saw a fish all morning. I am going to be on the water Thursday and Friday this week bringing my season to an end  That's it for now good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD.


10/7/14  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  My season is slowly coming to an end with 2 trips booked for the end of this week and a couple for next week.  We will have some nice days yet but for the most part the weather will be a challenge.

Last Friday I fisd with with Jamie Bickley, Mark Robertson, and Gene Beck all from the Chicago area.  We were fishing Walleyes on rock humps on a lake with a 2 fish limit with large Fat heads on 1/4 oz. jigs in 26 feet of water.  We managed their limit and released 3 small fish after a little over 2 hours and missed a number of bites.  We then switched over to Pike.  Using 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with Black tail chubs we had a couple hits that we missed and boated one Pike in the mid twenty inch range.  It was a good day in spite of cold temperatures and gusty winds.

Saturday and Sunday I had the pleasure of chasing Muskies with Scott and Craig Challoner of Omro WI.  As I headed north on 51 to meet the guys at the Northern Cafe I knew we were in trouble, the ground was covered with a couple of inches of snow, the only good thing was the wind was going to stay in the the single digits all morning.  Cold weather and Muskie fishing go together but that is after the weather is stable not after a cold front that drops the temps 40 degrees in a couple days. Taking advantage of the low wind we headed out to the Flambeau Chain fishing Pokeagama.  It was a tough morning there was only one other boat on the lake, we fished weeds and rocks but never saw a fish.  Sunday morning was colder, the snow and rain had stopped but the wind had gotten here with gusts predicted to reach 25-30 mph.  This dictated hitting smaller lakes, we picked 2 lakes one just 135 acres the other larger but it would allow us to fish on the calm side of the lake.  Once again after 4+ hours on the water we had nothing to show for our efforts.  As my friend and mentor Tony Rizzo always says "nothing trumps weather" and it killed us last weekend.  That's it for now folks good luck fishin and remember KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

9/29/14  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  Sorry that this report is so long in coming, after a few days off the water it was a busy couple of weeks.  I had the pleasure of fishing with Frank Kerschbaum and his wife Ann, we spent some time on the Willow catching some nice mixed bags including Pike, Bass, and Walleyes.  This is an unusual year and the Willow is back to full after all our rain giving us the opportunity for some nice fall fishing.

Then it was my annual trip to Canada with my sons for a long weekend.  This is strictly a Musky trip, we stay on Lake Of The Woods but fish a number of lakes in the area.  The weather was summer like with bright skies and little wind, it made for nice fishing but slow catching.  We had 8 anglers in our group and managed to catch at least two Muskies a day, the biggest was a dandy 49 1/2 inch fish.  Best producing baits were Bull Dawgs, Cowgirls, and Smity baits.

Last Wednesday I fished with John Sauermilch and his friend Bob Oswald.  The guys wanted to fish all day so we started our day fishing Walleyes on rock humps topping out at 20 feet most fish were caught in 26 to 29 feet, vertical jigging 1/4 oz jigs tipped with large fatheads we caught our 2 Walleye per angler limit in a little over an hour, we moved to our second lake first trying a mud flat that only produced 1 Walleye, down sizing our jigs to 1/16 oz  we moved to some shallow rock reefs that produced 2 more Walleyes.  We then came back to Minocqua and added some nice Bass to our catch.

The next couple of days I spent with Corey Schraw his brother Randy, and Norm McDougall.  With the sweet taste of success from the day before I started out on the same lake as the day before after over an hour we only had one Walleye to show for our efforts along with a couple of missed bites.  We then changed lakes looking for Pike and Bass.  We caught some Bass and Pike but action was slow.  On the second morning we started out on the same lake as the two previous days thinking that the Walleyes couldn't shut off for 2 days "WRONG" one hour not a bite, we moved to my second Walleye lake were I had caught fish two days before and not a bite.  We moved to our third lake and managed to catch some nice Bass and Pike fishing 1/16 oz weedless rigs tipped with Redtails. 

Saturday I fished with Randy Yockey, Randy bought a house on Little Saint Germain last summer.  We had fished together before and even though I told him I never fished the lake he wanted to see how I would approch a new lake and get ideas about how I would fish it.  After checking out Tommy Zinda's map and picking out spots 1 through 9 we hit the lake with my usual arsenal of 1/16 oz jigs tipped with Backtail chubs. Reality turned out to be much different from the map.  Maybe because of Rusty Crayfish or some other reason the first 3 areas I went to expecting cabbage weeds all I found was mud bottoms, no fish.  Moving to some small islands with good drop offs we caught a few small Pike. Using my depth finder I found an area 9 feet deep that showed weeds on the bottom. We caught a better sized Pike then much to Randy's surprise Bob caught a Walleye that everyone said was impossible.  We finished out the morning covering the deeper end of the lake catching some nice sized Pike and Bass.  Randy was happy with what he learned and was going out to buy some Weed Weasels and an aerated bait bucket.  We are going to hit the Lake again on the 11th in search of a Musky.  The lake shows some promise and it should be an interesting day.

Yesterday I fished with Mike Roznowski and his dad Jerry, we headed west to one of my favorite Pike lakes.  We fished weeds from 5 - 14 feet with 1/16 oz jigs and Black tail chubs, it was slow going but we put together a nice mixed bag of Pike, Bass, and a few Walleyes making up a good morning.

During this entire time time the weather was very sumer like and enjoyable.  That all changed this morning when the temperature dropped 25 degrees, the wind picked up and the rain started.  I was supposed to fish with John Melcher and his 90 year young father Dave.  They made the decision not to fish and plan a trip for next summer it was a wise choice even though the rain stopped it was miserable. Thats it for now folks good luck fishin and remember  KEEP YOUR LINE TIGHT AND A BEND IN YOUR ROD

9/8/14  Hi from the shores of Lake Minocqua.  You had to be here to believe it and my friend and long time client Brian Manning of Naperville and his buddy Tim Meuller where with me.  The guys and I went to the Willow Flowage Thursday morning, we hit spots that had been producing Walleyes, Pike and Bass for me.  This is shallow water fishing with all of these fish being as shallow as 18" of water.  In the first two hours we boated a number of Pike keeping 3 and then caught and released the biggest Largemouth I have ever seen in WI., it measured just over 22" I wasn't able to weigh the fish but I would guess 7 pounds, the picture is in the photo section. That should have been the highlight of the day but about 10 AM the wind picked up a little from the east no big deal, then I noticed that the sky to the west was getting dark and then it showed a dark blue/green color like nothing I have ever seen.  We headed back to the landing as fast as that 225 Yamaha could push the 620 Ranger, we got back to the landing in time but there were 2 boats in front of us.  I gave Brian the keys to get the truck.  It was like a solid blast of wind first then a wall of rain that hit, then came the hail, all this time we were treated to thunder and lightning.  When we finally got the boat out and headed back to Minocqua only to have to turn around when a tree blocked the road.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Murtaughs Pub down town Minocqua, as the skies cleared a little we decided to head out on Lake Minocqua, I didn't have much hope after the storm that went through.  The guys did manage to put 4 nice Bass in the boat so our day wasn't all that bad.  That night on the televisi